Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Mike Del Mundo / Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron is clearly having so much fun in this run of Thor and an already incredible book is only that much better because of it. He breathes new life into just about every setting his script comes into contact with and imagines a world that feels new but still ancient and legendary. Issue #2 reunites Thor with Balder the Brave and a few other familiar faces as he and Loki venture into the Norse underworld as a detour on their way to join the effort to stop the War of Realms. Unfortunately, it seems the sons of Odin couldn’t have shown up at a worse time.

There’s a great scene where we get to see exactly how vile this arc’s villainess truly is and it is downright joy-inducing (if antagonists are your thing). We also get some insight into how Thor’s whole “hammer thing” is going to work for the foreseeable future which is mostly fun. I was skeptical about how Aaron was going to work around him still being unworthy but the new arsenal is video game levels of awesome. Visually, Mike Del Mundo is swinging for the fences. He and Aaron seem to be a perfect sync like your favorite Pacific Rim jaeger team.

Thor #2

Every single panel looks like the cover art for triple disc heavy metal album from 1987. Rapping freight trains, monster truck and murder dogs? What more could anyone ask from such a delicate blend of Norse mythology and modern sensibilities?

Bottom Line: Aaron and Del Mundo are only two issues in and are already in the zone. Wild new concepts in familiar settings, wonderfully vicious new villains and monster trucks….the creative team may have changed slightly but this book is still one of Marvel’s finest standard bearers by far.

9.5 Metalocalypse reruns out of 10.

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