Writer:Jason Aaron /Artist: Chris Sprouse / Marvel

Thor has probably gotten the most spotlight from Secret Wars aside from God Emperor Doom since the event started. The Thor Corps being Doom’s personal police force is one of the most fun ideas to come from Hickman’s universe altering event so it’s only fitting that Jason Aaron, who has done the Lord’s work with the God (and Goddess) of Thunder over the past few years, would be the one to give us a Secret Wars tie-in that takes place within the new Doom regime.


There’s several ways Aaron could have approached this story, but in keeping with the overall tone of the other titles, he went off the beaten path to give us something fun and fresh. Thors in an up close look at the “worthy” who all wield the hammer in service to Doom. The series approaches a series of territory spanning murders in the format of a police procedural’s whodunit of the week. Imagine Law and Order: SVU with magic hammers. Anyone who read Aaron’s “God of Thunder” series will tell you that he’s pretty good at juggling multiple Thors in the same book, so giving so fleshing out multiple personalities wielding some familiar hammers was basically a walk in the park. There is simply nothing that is not awesome about watching a Thor play the curmudgeonly chief barking orders at his subordinates, threatening to have their badges.


If only Gotham could be this entertaining with regular cops, they might have a hit (lukewarm as it would be) on their hands. On the visual side of things, Chris Sprouse turned in some pretty damn fine artwork that encompasses the obvious fantasy aspects of the plot while capturing the feel of cop procedurals past like Homicide and even Mike Oeming’s Powers at times.

Bottom Line: Although we miss the Jane Foster series that came to a somewhat abrupt halt to make way for Secret Wars, it’s good to know that Jason Aaron is still pumping out A-list material to make up for it. 9 out of 10.


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