The Ultimates #2 Review

Writer:Al Ewing / Artist: Kenneth Rocafort / Marvel

Listen, I don’t know if y’all thought this was a fucking game but the fucking Ultimates Bruh, I said the ultimates bro, *pre-racist Hulk Hogan voice* Brother, I said the ultimates is putting up their trill where there mouth is!

We see T’Challa do interdimensional transportation to wind up in Galactus’ living room unannounced as a muh fucka. The detail of the strain of that travel on T’Challa’s body and mind is great moment that Ewing utilizes to give show us where T’Challa’s head is at and what he has been through (the fall out with his father’s spirit) as well as the travel causing him to see Galactus’ past as well (which I’m unsure if we ever gotten this much detail before).
Galactus is stating how above help he is from this team but the Ultimates are trouble shooting his ass whether he likes it or not. They found the incubator that actually hatched Galactus and have a theory upon it’s use that could bring a resolution to his feeding off planets but Galactus isn’t bout that shit which is where things get physical.

This does show a bit of a dilemma to me as to what lengths this team will solve the universe’s issues. Galactus is still a person and he clearly said no to their assistance but this team forces this solution upon him. Is this a case of putting the needs of the many before the needs of one? How many more instances will we see of this? It is the right play obviously but who is to determine that.

Rocafort’s art work is fucking jumping as usual..I love the look of T’Challa’s tech and the depictions of space and Galactus’ lair. The characters look great but T’Challa’s mask looks more panther-like in this book than I have ever seen in any incarnation. It looks less like a mask and more like a mesh helmet with actual panther features, which I fucking love. That shit is such a great attention to detail.


Ewing and Rocafort keep the momentum high and the universal diplomatic resolutions on one hunned this issue. This series flourishes so far in only it’s second issue with the team really being a team. They are coordinated, they are precise but still getting to know one another, which will be a fun road we embark on. But in one issue they’ve basically shut down Galactus’ huger which has plagued the Marvel universe for millenia? Bars. Come on man.

9.1 space odysseys outta 10

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