We Are Robin #11 Review

Writer: Lee Bermejo / Artist: Jorge Corona / DC Comics

Lemme just go on record saying We Are Robin is one of the most gully Gotham books ever put on the street. This book keeps it over one hundred and I love it, man. Bermejo and Corona have really transformed these individual kids into different perspectives of Gotham; each individual’s life a different lens through which to see the city, and how conditions of Gotham has affected them. Within the “We Are Jokers” arc we’ve seen how that comes to be for villains in Gotham — the kids that didn’t go down the road of Duke and his cohorts.

Bermejo has the post “Robin War” arc coming full circle as “Smiley” and Duke are at odds once again but on a grander stage. Smiley bursting into the school with his gang, branding guns is a damn scary sight because that happens in our day to day life in America. You won’t always hear about it on major news at times but mass shootings stay happening. Seeing that on page and the gang coming back together to stop all of it is surreal and fitting. Bermejo excels at the storyline and captures the reader with the reasoning for the no-gun policy that the the Robins have adopted from Batman, as well as their own beliefs on what guns represent. Especially in an atmosphere like Gotham.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 6.23.51 PM

Corona’s art is on point as usual. You can see the worry in students faces detailed beautifully, then how that fear turns to rebellion as they fight back against the Jokers. He gives us a lot of action as we see what’s going on in the building, outside the building, and the room where Smiley has the faculty and students being held captive. Corona has been the perfect person on visuals for this book.

Aye, man. I dunno what to tell y’all. We’re getting great character development and huge depth from these teens’ backgrounds. If you don’t believe that, then check out page one of this issue and see what family Dax comes from. THEY HAD THAT REVEALED IN THE FIRST PAGES! Shit is lit in We Are Robin. Believe it.

9.5 Chilling Reveals out of 10

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