We Are Robin #5 Review

Writer:Lee Bermejo / Artist: Jorge Corona/ DC Comics

We are now in the aftermath of We Are Robin, post new robot Batman shutting them down. The highlight of each of these issues is the spotlight shifting to different characters. We get a look at Izzy’s life and the huge gang influence that she has to face constantly. It’s easy to see why she would be down for the Robins as we get a reveal into what she’s been through, and what’s most alarming is the person that put her through it. Lemme just take the time to say Izzy against the fucking world! This girl is too trill for the bullshit. She stood out to me from the jump with her sarcasm, and seeing her go pound for pound outside the costume is a great look as well.

We also come to realize that the Robins before Duke don’t know much about one another, as becomes evident with how little they knew of Troy. Riko comes out of her shell to rally everyone. We learn more of why Riko believes in what they are doing, and judging by how it was noted that she was usually quiet, you can’t help but believe her run in with Batgirl helped her decide that they should keep going. We also see The Nest make a grand gesture towards our young vigilantes. The team is staring to come together with each issue more and more under Bermejo’s arc. The dynamic of the team building and development is really one of the best parts of the read.

Listen man, this book is so hood! I love it! This is some straight up Gotham-teenage-wasteland shit and I’m here for it. Corona’s art keeps Gotham looking so alive and truly young in a way that really stands out from the main Batman titles. The characters look great and the close ups and action are lovely as well.

The pace quickens in issue #5 and we are beginning to see more plans set in motion for the first chain of the Robins. I’m telling you straight up, the streets of Gotham lookin’ real Streets of Rage right now. Y’all need this book in your life, man.

8.7 gangs in Gotham out of 10

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