‘Wife Swap’ Is Looking to Include a Cosplay Family? We Out Here

Look at CMT wanting cosplay on the set
wife swap cosplay casting call

Wife Swap is back! Don’t call it a comeback! Well, actually yeah call this one a comeback. If you don’t remember what Wife Swap is, it’s a show where they swap wives from different households. The households are very distinct from each other. Now that the refresher is over, we can get into the real nitty-gritty. We spoke with a casting producer from the show, and she hit us with this.

“CMT is re-booting the hit show, Wife Swap. They are seeking the best representation of the modern American family. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Do you think you have anything to teach/learn from another family?. This is also a great opportunity to show the U.S. how awesome Cosplay is and inspire children/families of color on how to get involved. If interested please email Kaymie at wifeswaptvcasting@gmail.com or call her at the office (818-280-4468). Also, feel free to check out the website: https://wifeswap.castingcrane.com.”

Wife Swap Cosplay Casting Call
Photo credit: Butterfly Samurai

They’re looking for a COSPLAY family? We mainstream now. Having a cosplay family on the show would be an excellent way to show cosplay in a new light. You remember talking to your friends or family members about cosplay, anime, and all things nerdy and the looks they gave you? No? Just me? Ok. This show could lessen those looks and show children and other families of color how fantastic cosplay can be. So we’re tossing our hat in and helping to spread the word. If you’re in the Georgia area, this is your time!

A cosplaying family will not give a unique new perspective on the show, but will also show viewers at home exactly how much cosplay can mean to someone. If you know any cosplay families or are a part of a cosplay family yourself be sure to contact Kaymie and let her know or visit the website for more information!

Wife Swap

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wife swap cosplay casting call


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