Winter/Holiday Cosplays That You Never Knew You Need To See In The New Year

New Year, Yet Seasonal Cosplay is Still King.

In true Oona fashion, I have an incredibly LATE list of favorite holiday/winter/new year’s cosplay to share with everyone! My original plan was to have this out at least by New Year’s Eve~but here we are! No worries as The outfits are all still so beautiful! You’ll enjoy these looks during any season. As per usual, I am in awe by the makeup skills, the prop-making/building talent, the overall originality in these costumes and the photographers who composed these shots. May the cold winter winds only strengthen your resolve to cosplay your favorite characters or at least start on them!

Melting Mirror Cosplay

Melting Mirror Cosplay is one of my favorite cosplayers (top five) easily. MMC’s photos are so breathtaking, and this Winter Sawsbuck is no exception! As much as I love the wonderful creative takes on Pokemon cosplay, this particular photo is so professionally staged and shot in such a way I wouldn’t be surprised if the official Pokemon company shared it on any or all of their social media channels! The headdress, the cape, the (is that tulle?) skirt all work together for this photo I adore that is very much #winterwonderlandenvy.


Cosplayer Shellanin is doing the absolute most with this super cute Christmas Bulma! Dragon balls for gifts!!! A dutiful cosplayer who operates often with the #curlycosplay hashtag on Instagram, she’s representing with the much-loved Dragon Ball era teen Bulma cosplay and she’s making it her own with a great curly wig and customizing it up. The little, grumpy Vegeta plush is a nice touch, tucked in like a tool and the warmth, gentle light makes this photo Christmas card ready!


I honestly was so thunder-struck by this cosplay. Look how gorgeous this is! That fur is so frosty. That coat/dress is a dream! #Slaycember, indeed! That backdrop is everything! This cosplaying, music recording artist is all thing confident and creative where with this pose in which they introduce Martha SLAY Whovie with this hilarious caption. I didn’t know that The Grinch had fandom that has such a reach but I’m learning and living!


Holiday Scouts!!!!! One fantastic way to celebrate the winter season is to fight crime and look hella cute. I’me loving the coordination and collaboration of all these lovely cosplayers in these Holiday-themed outfits. I would have died and gone straight to Heaven if I encountered seeing all of them together at a con. Thankfully, each sailor Senshi is tagged appropriately in the caption so I can go fall down a rabbit hole on Instagram and fall in love with much more cosplay! This one is the gift that keeps giving!

jenevieve devereaux cosplay

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"Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" • • I still can’t get over how well my Christmas Bakugo turned out at @holidaymatsuri. Thank you again to @kitsvnebi for styling this Bakugo wig for me, I felt incredible in it. I’ve always loved my Bakugo cosplay itself but have never been completely happy with the wigs I’ve chosen until now ? And thank you to @bquezadapd for always taking killing every photoshoot we do together, I’m so grateful I could do my last shoot of 2019 with you ? I can’t wait to share the other photos!! • • North Pole Hottie Teddy – @therealadamandeve (Get 50% off almost any adult item & FREE US/CAN shipping by using offer code JEN50 @therealadamandeve's website. 18+ Only.) Boot Base – @rainbowshops Contacts – @uniqso Sweety Anime Pink Eyeliner @wetnwildbeauty Wet n Wild MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner Eyelashes – B804s from @eldorafalseeyelashes Wig style by @kitsvnebi Props made by me ? – @bquezadapd #bnhacosplay #bnha #myheroacademia #myheroacademiacosplay #bakugoukatsuki #bakugoucosplay #cosplay #cosplays #cosplayer #cosplayers #cosplaying #cosplayersofinstagram #instacosplay #cosplayculture #cosplaygirl #urarakaochako #cosplayfun #todorokishoto #deku #denkikaminari #kirishima #kirishimaeijirou #365daysofblackcosplay #midoriya #midoriyaizuku #cosplaycommunity #bakugoukatsukicosplay #holidaymatsuri #holidaymatsuri2019 #holmat

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Santa-kugo looks like they could totally kick my ass! Such a sweet mash-up. My Hero Academia cosplayers always get their props in that they, too, are putting their feet on our necks when it comes to creative takes on the characters! This Bakugo is serving sexy and Christmas time sweetness while keeping you grounded with tried and true elements from the character so many of us (hate to) love: the grenade-like glove attachments, the similar boots, and this gorgeous wig styled to the Gods!


Ring in the (hopefully) better 20s with this fabulous Betty Boop cosplayer! She is such an iconic character and I love to see cosplayers and fans alike pay her homage, especially women and female presenting persons of color, you know since the character was based off a Black, female entertainer. Here cosplayer Yakfrost leans in to give us baby doll realness complete with a wig that’s spot on, a pout that works with eyelashes that pop–they did that!

Mana Knight

ManaKnight is another one of my top favorite cosplayers and one that we, as a site has reposted and shared their cosplay so many times over the years!!! They always have the most intense cosplays. The holiday spice to this Persona cosplay can’t dull the bad-assery of the overall look.


Seun looks so majestic in this Elsa cosplay! Queen of all things makeup, cosplay, and comedy, Seun has been a fave content creator and cosplayer to follow and share among my cosplaying loving friends. Frozen is iconic and Black girls and femmes ignoring haters in the cosplay community to be ready to say the cold never bothered them anyway is a true gift.


I am a fan of the new Sabrina series on Netflix, so when I saw this gorgeous shot of Paraluman Cosplay I had to include it on this list to pay proper homage to one of the best witches on television.

BONUS FAVE: scruffles fatcat

No words needed I think yeah?

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