Wonder Woman #23 Review

Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Liam Sharp / DC Comics

Rucka stay giving us the behind the back pass on perspective. We open this issue up with the god of war himself, Ares, hosting Diana, Veronica and Isabelle Cale in his Air B&B. They’re really out here having a fireside chat with a chained up Ares who is way different than we’d expect. Ares explains how his predicament came to be and along with the terms of his imprisonment on Themyscira.

While this is taking place, Ares’ children Phobos and Deimos have broken through to Themyscira and are coming to either free or merk Ares. We’ve seen various incarnations of Wonder Woman going hand to hand against Ares but this interpretation of the god of war is vastly different from previous tales. Rucka has Ares give his side of the story and explain how war is an all-consuming portion of his life but not all of who he is. In this arc’s conclusion, we get a look at Ares as an actual person who isn’t enraged about his situation but rather very accepting of it and why it is necessary.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.31.06 PM

There’s not much action this issue but we do see the Amazons at arms against Deimos and Phobos. Sharp draws this war something fucking fierce right here. The look of Phobos and Deimos as these war-torn Rottweilers with their faces half way blow off is visually grimy as fuck. Sharp really made these demigods look intimidating, threatening, and vicious as all hell. The final showdown between Wonder Woman and the threat of these two demigods may be surprising but it also makes the most sense, so you can’t be mad at it.

Rucka has been having the Midas touch with Wonder Woman, especially when it comes to her character. Rucka never wastes an issue, and his path for Wonder Woman has been clear cut and always made sense. Each issue, monologue, and dialogue have been a stepping stone toward growing Diana’s mythos.

8.7 “What the World Needs Now” Lyrics out of 10

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