Black Science #13 Review

writer: Rick Remender / artist: Matteo Scalera / Image Comics

A couple of observations from one of my favorite comic books: 1) This book is not concerned with your sentiment. If it gives you sentiment, it’s because it plans on taking it away from you. And 2) Grant McKay is equal parts Sci-Fi hero and world-class asshole. Readers are given a peek behind the curtain on how the McKay household was before they started jumping through time and dimensions.

Ya know, there weren’t any talking Frogs or murderous serpents with psychic abilities before, but I’m not sure things were any less treacherous growing up as McKay. It all ties into Pia and her relationship with her non-mother after their escape in the last issue. But those are the bookends of this issue. The gooey insides are where the signature Black Science magic is at work. Turns out this Grant McKay isn’t the only arrogant Grant McKay wreaking havoc across the Onion. Some answers are starting to come together about the jumps to each dimension and the effect it is leaving, but that is interrupted by another Centurion breaking their train of thought.

Scalera is so masterful at drawing action. LOOK AT THESE PANELS! It’s basically mandatory that Black Science has some crazy ass action/chase sequence in each issue, but it never messes with the pacing and it plays to Scalera’s strengths. I mean, what are we talkin’ about here?

Finally some answers arrive for the crew as they learn just how fucked up all of this is on the various dimensions. Some backstory helps flesh out not only Pia and Grant’s motivations and history, but also the physical place they are in and why that’s so scary. This book is just so, so good. Every time.


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