Dark Nights Metal #3 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder / Artist: Greg Capullo / DC Comics

What. Are. We. Even. Doing. Look, fam, if you been reading Snyder for long enough, you know that the way a story starts damn sure ain’t the way a story ends. But my god does Metal #3 turn left with such precision. On the heels of the terrifying site that was Batman being sucked into the Dark-Verse, things have gotten…so much worse. This issue focuses on the remaining heroes trying to cope with Barbatos taking over…everything.

Desperate Heroes

Superman is having a particularly tough time dealing with what happened with Bruce as his headlong pursuit in hopes of rescuing his friend fuels the momentum of this book. It also demonstrates a fundamental difference between Bruce and Clark. As virtuous as Superman is, when he is desperate, he’s often prone to trying to punch everything. As expected, that’s the worst thing he could do and it plays out in a series of failures for Superman. Another fun part of this issue is watching how everyone else reacts to the possible demise of Bruce, where members of the Batfamily weight in, sparsely used characters get some relevant inclusion (like Dr. Fate and Mr. Terrific). The pocket dimension at the end of the world where the heroes debate what to do is a nice touch.

What cannot be understated is how good Capullo is on this book and how truly terrifying the stuff he’s creating is. This issue reminds me of his drawing of Dr. Death from the Dark City arc on Batman. Everything is teeming with horror and anxiety, where it feels truly hopeless for the heroes. Snyder and Capullo have put together something pretty damn terrifying befitting the grandeur of this arc.

After a lot of stellar tie ins, Dark Nights Metal comes back for another twist induced issue that satisfies on just about every level and takes it in some unexpected places. The story gets crazier an crazier in direct proportion to its quality.

9.4 Nth Connections out of 10

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