East Of West #24 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman / Artist: Nick Dragotta / Image Comics

Even though it’s taking it’s time getting there, the world that East of West is (still) building is still nothing but the Lord’s Work. This issue is set up, but not just a table setting filler, but literally setting up the meet of the Chosen. So much has happened since they were last in proximity to each other, this seems both entertaining and a terrible idea for those involved. I would really like to take bets on who is not going get out of this alive. The Message has been scripted again (in the most nefarious ways, no doubt) and everyone has a singular place to be.

The few interactions that the fly by stops for are fascinating and visits with characters we haven’t seen in a while. I enjoyed this issue and the interesting conversations that happened within it – but not all that much happens. Like at all. But that’s cool, because Because nobody makes “not a lot is going on” look like “all this shit is happening” like Hickman can.

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…or Dragotta. My gawd, he does the damn thing. You know, as usual. The beginning of this issue is, as the kids say, savage. And I while a lot of artist could’ve drawn that well, only Dragotta does THIS. In an issue where not a ton of stuff moves forward, the art more than makes up for that.

The meet is set. The players are moving and shit is about to go down. Does that mean the next issue will be action packed? I doubt it. But SOMETHING is going to happen. And the anticipation of that is often the best part of reading this book.

8.2 Carrier Demons out of 10

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