While plenty of other players in the video game industry decided to show off some of their biggest games during this year’s Gamescom, Nintendo decided to take a different approach. Instead of focusing on some of their own first-party titles, the world of indies on the Nintendo Switch took the spotlight in yet another exceptional showcase by the Mario Kingdom.

Nintendo’s short IndieWorld presentation is an exciting showcase of games arriving on the Switch. In just 20 minutes, we get an onslaught of 29 games coming within the next year. Better yet, it’s a wide variety of titles that are sure to cater to any gaming need. It’s almost hard to believe that Nintendo has ever had trouble getting third-party titles onto their past consoles. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the amazing games coming to the Switch.

Indie Hits, Making the Switch

While there’s plenty of new blood coming to the Switch, unsurprisingly, some of the biggest announcements were the indie darlings that have already made a name for themselves. Nintendo announced that SUPERHOT, the time based, first-person shooter, and the Hotline Miami Collection, which bundles both entries in the franchise, are available for download as of now on the Nintendo e-shop. Critically acclaimed games and anticipated sequels like Torchlight 2 and Trine 4 are also coming soon to the Switch as well.

However, the biggest announcement has to be that Microsoft Studios’ Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is coming to the console on September 27. Microsoft and Xbox Games have been very generous lately, making some of their first-party games like Cuphead and Minecraft available on the Switch. Ori and the Blind Forest impressed plenty of gamers in 2015 with its beautiful visuals and metriodesque gameplay.

That New New

A couple of new indie games came to impress as well. The Touryst is a puzzle game that features graphics reminiscent of an 8-bit world gone 3D. Another visually impressive title is Skellboy, a 2D/3D hybrid hack-n-slash where players swap body parts along with weapons and items. My personal favorite has to be EarthNight, a game where players take control of a 14-year-old black schoolgirl that runs on top of dragons Sonic the Hedgehog style. That’s Black Girl Magic at its finest.

One thing is clear, Nintendo was ready to cater to every need with the titles announced during the showcase. Ever wondered what Dark Souls would look like if it went 2D? Blasphemous has got you. Got a fix for a top-down hack-n-slash that somehow mixes pinball mechanics? Well, look no further than Creature in the Well. Have you ever wanted a game where the equivalent of Andy’s room from Toy Story got turned into a warzone? Too bad, cause Hypercharged: Unboxed is here to help you live that fantasy.

There are quirky games for all the weirdos out there like Freedom Finger, What the Golf?, Youropa, and One Finger Death Punch. Beautiful games like Eastward, Spiritfarer, and Roki. Close to the Sun is looking to hit that horror fix, while Northgard gives strategy fans a little something good as well. Hell, there’s even Best Friend Forever, a dating simulator where you’re a pet owner who can date other pet owners. What’s not to love.

Portable Indies Forever

It’s no secret that independent games are thriving on the Nintendo Switch. With the chance to play them anywhere, the Nintendo console has become the go-to for those who want to play unique and interesting titles. The catalog of independent games flooding the system makes it almost impossible not to find something you’ll like. Plus, it helps that these titles are filling the void in between major Nintendo releases. With the pace these games are arriving on the Switch, there is something to look forward to for the rest of the year and beyond.

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