Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey is Peak Group Chat Atmosphere

Group chats can be a haven since they’re comprised usually of people you love or grow to love. They’re a place you go to share your wins, your losses, a funny thing you have seen on the internet, to ask whether or not you should make a purchase, be it big or small. Group chats are an intimate sounding board. They’re what can save you from yourself, affirm you, and hopefully nourish you in ways you may not get elsewhere. Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey is a personification of a group chat. The movie takes us from the initial formation of the chat to how it beautifully blossoms into something we all have in our chats.

I imagine Harley Quinn had been playing Fantasia’s “Free Yourself” for weeks on repeat before we meet up with her in the movie. She should have been humming those lyrics before destroying that chemical factory. Harley is the friend who you’ve been praying finally wised up and realized her self worth wasn’t tied to the fucc boi she spent so many emotionally draining years with. When she finally has her Beyoncé Irreplaceable moment, you can’t do anything but celebrate. The newly freed Harley Quinn is in serious need of a new support system, the perfect time to start a new group chat. Harley is also that one friend who seems to know everyone and their business. She provides the 411 on Detective Montoya, Black Canary, Cassandra Cain, and Black Canary, so it makes sense that she would be the curator of the group chat.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

All who are added as she goes along, of course, originally want absolutely nothing to do with it but have their individual reasons for sticking around long enough to help make it something that everyone can appreciate at the end of the day. Black Canary, Detective Montoya, Cassandra, and Huntress all want nothing to do with Harley. It’s their lives being inconvenienced by men that keep them all from possibly killing Harley. Detective Montoya is dealing with men stealing her shine at work and constant disrespect. Black Canary is just trying to pay her bills and works for an eccentric sociopathic jackass with an equally sociopathic best-boyfriend. Cassandra can’t even lay her head down at home because her foster parents ain’t shit, especially the dad. Meanwhile, Huntress’s entire family was killed by you guessed it, men. Sometimes a group chat just needs everyone to find common ground to start building a foundation. How many times have you started a group chat with strangers on the internet because of something that happened on a social media platform, and you all shared a common stance on it? Right.

Harley brings most of the drama to the group chat. There is always that one person. In the movie, we see how the conversations play out by way of top tier fight choreography. The eff men conversation had in the last 20 mins of the movie as the women work together to keep Cassandra Cain away from Black Mask is beautifully violent. The classic group chat “hype your friend up” moments happen as they beat the brakes off the men Black Mask send after them. They become helpful resources for one another. Harley providing Montoya with the bulletproof waist trainer that saves her life, and she gives Black Canary the hair tie she needed badly. An exaggerated version of someone in the group chat sharing helpful resources for those who need it.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

Huntress takes time out from killing dudes to make sure Cassandra is okay and gives Harley the assist to in the final chase scene. Not only are they a murderous bunch, but they’re a thoughtful bunch. Hopefully, no one is killing anyone in regular everyday group chats. Still, the spirit of being there for one another is something that should always be present, and the movie reflects that. By the end of the movie, everyone has gone from hardly knowing one another to affirming Huntress that her name is as dope as she is. The camaraderie and the growth are there like any group chat worth staying in.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey isn’t perfect, but what group chat is. It’s the imperfections mixed in with the sincerity that makes you want to stick around and pop in from time to time. Plus, there is always the option to make a smaller group chat from the original one and end up with just the Birds of Prey version.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

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