Kim Reaper #4 Review

Writer: Sarah Graley / Artist: Sarah Graley / Oni Press

Oh, you know that comic you love? Yeah, that one. You know what could make it better? Yeah, you guessed it! Zombies! That’s what we’re getting here in issue #4 of Kim Reaper and it is not a bust. Fresh off the heels of basically being fired as a Grim Reaper and working a regular 9-5 at a bakery with Becka, Kim finds it’s not too shabby and then the undead pay a visit. As hilarious as this new case of hijinks presents itself, it is dire as all hell because, zombies, fam! The girls contain their freakouts (SIKE) long enough to remember that Kim’s grim reaping scythe would take care of this situation which means our gals have to sneak into the underworld to get said scythe. The plan is set!


This issue successfully combines the humor that we’ve come to know and love from Graley and the mortality of the real life troubles; of being separated from someone you’re really digging, of breaking free from those who would control you and your talents and, of course, the actual danger of zombies. DUH! IT’S SERIOUS BUSSINESS, however, things never get gory or gross or hell, offensive. The art that features Becka molly-whopping zombies and charm is cutesy, fun, and a true testament to what we love about this comic. The quick quips and one liners that decorate the panels keep the story afloat beside the action.

This issue serves as the final issue of the first story arc and it also wraps it up nicely with a bow. Becka and Kim have a date lined up with some cake, the Grim Reaper Counsel is choosing to behave for now, and no one is unemployed so baby boomers can chastise them. Oh gosh Kim Reaper, I can’t wait till you come back come February!


9.8 “You’ll Have to Answer To My Fists” out of 10

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