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Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Minkyu Jung / DC Comics

One word that would sum up the final arc of Blockbuster for this Nightwing book would be maturation. Nightwing is forced to grow up in a lot of ways by this story’s conclusion. Having been stranded on a boat with a bunch of villains that were just trying to kill him and a bomb, Grayson does what we would expect him to do: try to save everyone. While that unfolds how you would expect (with some very cool resourcefulness written in by Seeley and backed by some very cool visuals by Jung), there is a cost to everything. Not just for Nightwing’s physical safety, but all that he’s been trying to build in Bludhaven.


One of the surprises of this book has been watching how Grayson’s relationship with Sean has developed, evolved, and fallen back over the course of his time in the city. Nightwing said some things that might be hard to take back last issue and the echoes of that are still present when he finally makes it home from adventuring/almost getting blown up. In truth, Nightwing suffers a number of L’s this issue that are going to test his resolve to bounce back or sink deeper into the depression that has become his success and failures.

Also nicely sewn is are some supporting characters that look to play an important role for the next arc, as well as keeping a formidable villain in the picture that may or may not be involved with the story going forward. Ultimately, the story works on multiple levels while simultaneously setting up a good jumping on point for the next arc.


Jung is very good in this issue. There’s a lot to balance between some heavy action and quieter, emotional moments throughout the book. Their panels of Blockbuster fighting are particularly noteworthy as the brutality is sharp and also right on the border for what I’m sure DC allows as far as graphic content.

The Blockbuster arc went some unexpected places and Nightwing survives in some ways, less so in others. A good conclusion to the story and a good spark for the next one.

9.1 Hybrid Animals out of 10

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