Ms. Marvel #19 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: Marco Failla, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics


If you like superhero comics that are youthful, accessible, poignant, and fun and you aren’t reading Ms. Marvel by now I don’t know what to do with you. I don’t have any more words to convince you. The only excuse I can accept is that you didn’t want to start in the middle of a story. Ok. Fine. Well here’s your chance. #19 is the top of the story arc, no excuses, no regrets.

no ragrets

Hands down, this comic continues to prove what can happen when a talented writer owns a book top to bottom and crafts a character with a dedicated team of artists. This is how good this artform can be.

The issue starts with the Khans preparing to celebrate Eid Al-Adha, the Muslim holiday that marks the end of the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca. So on top of setting the stage for an epic conflict, Wilson gives you 5 pages of inter-religious education! *fans self*. Also note that sister Tyesha continues to deliver hitting lines even while pregnant.


Upon returning home Kamala sees that the gentrification of her neighborhood has progressed. A new mayor has been selected via some shady backroom deals, putting the guy, Chuck Worthy, who was behind the Hope Yards drama (see Issue #1 of the current numbering) who was also a Hydra plant bee-tee-dubs, back in charge. And what’s the first thing Mayor Worthy does? He passes an executive order requiring the registration of all super heroes in Jersey City. (Civil War I much?)

Kamala’s too smart for these shenanigans and runs off to investigate, quickly meeting up with an old nemesis (Becky from Issue #9). Now you know it is getting real.

ms marvel 19-2

Then, while Ms. Marvel is trying out her new fighting techniques, it does get really really real and the Mayor/Hydra’s plans threaten to tear her family apart once again.

The set up is solid, the emotional tension high, the art top of the charts. This plot is ready to roll!

8.5 Team Rockets out of 10
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