Ms Marvel #37 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artist: Nico Leon, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics

After seeing the gang a la 1257, we’re back in present day and this issue opens up to some, dare I say it, heart-warming family bonding time by way of babysitting an adorable baby nephew Malik. But trouble hits home once again! Not a baddie or villain, but aging infrastructure which leads to water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink! The only Khan we acknowledge jumps into action and right into costume to help ease the liquid onslaught and citizens band together to stay out of the deluge. Baby Malik takes a trip and pops right out of safe arms and has his own journey reintroducing us to familiar faces in the neighborhood like Nakia, Mike and (Grandpa) Harold.

This issue is full of the warmth and charm that only GDubs can bring – from baby cuddle sessions to such hilarious one liners as “MY BUNS ARE SOAKED!,” to all the colorful characters we’ve come to know and love. Leon and Herring make a fine team with the art full of high action and fun little Easter Egg-like pieces thrown in. There’s always something to find that will make you laugh and exaggerated expressions and body language via Kamala as Ms. Marvel never go unnoticed. This issue ends on a light-hearted note with family surrounding one who isn’t one hundred percent but who is flying with high enough spirits to lift us all: a found, and very happy, baby Malik. That’s enough joy to get you to the next issue of the comic we all know and love.

9.2 Escaped Ostriches Out Of 10

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