Preacher Recap: Season 3, Episode 1 – “Angelville”


Season 3 / Episode 1, “Angelville” / AMC

The preacher with the golden voice is back! Is the world ready? No, not at all.

Previously, on Preacher

When last we left the #ungodly squad, Tulip was at death’s door while the team hightailed it to Angelville – where Jesse says she could be revived. Nobody’s friend, Hitler, dipped on Eugene as soon as they got out of hell. Jesse has lost Genesis and can’t do shit, really. They spent the whole of season 2 looking for God, only to find out they saw him on day one and dismissed it! Cool tidbit for the sharp-eyed: the chicken Jesse killed as a child at the beginning of the season two finale is alive and kicking again by the end of the episode.


Cut to: Season Three. Angelville.


Looking like The Land That Time Forgot, AKA Soundstage D from 12 Years A Slave. AKA the Confederate Legoland. AKA the land of flashbacks.

Same Girl: Preacher Remix

Jesse and Cassidy pull up and gingerly place Tulip’s dead body on the couch. They share some words concerning Tulip, mostly blaming one another for what happened. See, Cassidy tried to turn Tulip into a vampire to save her life and Jesse wasn’t with it — he actually kicked Cass off her. They rehash that moment, and Cass lets loose that he and Tulip knocked boots back in Annville, Texas (which doesn’t exist anymore)…then they proceed to have a ‘table, ladders, and chairs’ match in the foyer! All they needed was entrance music.

Where We’re Going…

Almost all the exposition in this episode is flashback-centered. In said flashbacks, we see Jesse’s mother working as a secretary for Jesse’s grandmother, the Madame L’Angelle aka white Marie Laveau. When Jesse’s mom tries to skip town they bring her back to Angelville, by force. In an act of rebellion and desperation, Mama Custer swallows the sole possession on her person. Madame L’Angelle grabs a scalpel and cuts it out of her stomach only to find a picture of baby Jesse.

The Waiting Room

Meanwhile, Tulip is in purgatory –  living her best ratchet, country-ass life. Literally busting guns with her dad and her seven-year-old self-image, then eating Boo Berry cereal right after like it ain’t no thing. Ruth Negga is a straight-up force of nature on Preacher, and this episode gives us all the backstory on Tulip we ever really wanted to see. The scenes are arresting and performed on a mock theatre set, with all the lines delivered as if in a play. There’s a dope scene where Tulip’s petite frame is bucking OFF with a big gun, and it’s just great TV. Better put some respect on the O’Hare family name!

Rock ’em Sock ’em 

In a slightly bewildering set of scenes, Jessie and Jody are sent by Madame L’Angelle to find some ingredients for the resurrection spell. This brings the duo to a rival (voodoo?) clan, where Jody beats everybody’s ass: one against twenty. When they arrive back at Angelville, there’s a tension you can’t quite explain until you remember that Jody is the one who pulled the trigger that killed Jesse’s dad (you know, that scene that plays a thousand times? Yeah, that one). Jesse and Jody get into a slugfest, with Jody taking the win. It was a close fight though!

As Jesse lays on the floor after getting rocked by a (few) headbutt(s), Jody very casually lifts the whole back of a pickup truck one-handed and starts dragging it towards Jesse’s head! He drops it, claims it was a prank. Life goes on. If Jody could do that, how the hell was the fight this close?

“It’s Backwards To Go Against God, dog” – Ab Soul

We come back to Tulip, who is now magically standing in the driveway to Angelville. Right next to the Man Dog, who we know from Season 2 is God. He leaves her a cryptic message (“Get those sonsabitches!”) and tells Tulip she’s part of His plan.


Tulip wakes, smiles at Jesse, and looks around the room — first with caution, then sadness at where she is. The first episode of season 3 comes to a close.

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