writer: Jeremy Whitley / artist: Emily Martin / colors: Brett Grunig / lettering: Emily Spura / Action Lab Comics

There’s nothing like a delightful survival race trip through a swamp to get to an older sister that speaks of your devotion to her. Yup, Adrienne Bedelia and Sparky have encountered just about everything under the sun on this leg of their quest and they’re not finished yet.

Last issue they successfully survived what the goblins had in store for them and managed to get one of them to serve as a guide via ship to take them across the swamp waters to get to big sis Angoisse’s castle.



But forever you see the light of dawn, you’ve got to live through the night: the trip across the swamp waters proved not to be a walk in the park and our girls had a heck of a time defending themselves. This sets a tone for the rest of the issue for Adrienne puts on her big girl pants to set up the plate and finish the remaining distance to get to her sister’s castle.



By the end of this issue we are treated to a reunion of Adrienne and Angoisse, (take it however it is y’all), a lot of unnecessary flattery and sweet talk and an unsuspected guest with nefarious plans for our number one knight who likes being princeless. Throw in some creature features from the heart of the swamp and A LOT of jokes to tide us over until next month, we have a strong consistent issue here with a cliffhanger that will make you worry for Adrienne and her quest.

8 Pink, Flying, Fire Breathing But Ever Loyal Dragons out of 10

Wait a minute you’re caught up on issues on Princeless, right?


No? Go forth and read them and catch our review of last issue. And you’re reading Raven: The Princess, too, right? You should be. We got you covered on that too.

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