writer: Rick Remender / artist: Greg Tocchini / Image Comics

You know what the standard is for Stel’s kids? It’s 0-100. Seriously. For Marik. For Tajo. For Della. In Della’s case, her tightly crafted world is starting to come undone as a “Minister of Thought” who diligently hunts down and eliminates those who would dare to bring hope to their dying world. The issue that introduced her to us also showed us the conflicted life she led carrying out her duties, but also having a lover that was apart of the resistance, one that she later put down. What happened to her in those ten years that she was gone, first taken from her parents and then separated from her sister Tajo?



Remender explores the theme of hope thoroughly once again here and we are reminded of just how powerful it is as a catalyst to move people. We are also reminded of just how furiously it is hunted down in order to attempt to squash it completely. Who is Della Caine? A young woman forced to adapt — to lose the hope that her mother instilled in her as a child in a world where everyone is literally dying a little each day? Or am I wrong? Is she a woman hell-bent on survival? Or seeing tomorrow and pressed to cut down anyone in her path to do it, friend or foe? Tocchini’s art pushes through from page to page first with the greys and blues and starkness of the world Della lives in where she actively participates in cutting down life, bodies and ideas. The later pages successfully carry the color of the blasts and carnage she cuts through on a battlefield she shouldn’t dare hope to win on.


Low #9 has a spectacular finish that mentally had me ready to flip a table or two because I did NOT SEE THAT COMING. AT ALL. Like a fallen angel someone comes to Della’s aid and the carnage is beautiful. With a eye roll to Della’s latter costume alternation, this issue stands to be one of the strongest and most certainly one of the most memorable.

9.5 Helms Suits out of 10

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