Writer: Jeremy Whitley / Artist: Rosy Higgins / Action Lab Comics

DO.YOU.SEE.THIS.COVER?! DOOOO YOUU?!?!?!??! I’m judging you if you went to your local comic book store, took a look at this and walked past this without picking it up.

judging you

Seriously, because the cover is only a taste of what’s to come and it is glorious. Last issue we left off with Raven, solo dolo with her boat but no crew but with much vengeance to seek. A thrilling chase through the city once she made for shore left her chasing a thief, ending up a little worse for wear but finding an old familiar face; one that knew her when she was a wee lass–back when she was in the entourage of her father, pirating ships and getting a taste of the life she was meant to live.

This issue picks up with Raven getting a little much needed TLC and some more backstory on the elusive half-elf thief, whom we now know as Sunshine. *SNORT LAUGH*  Sunshine’s employer just happens to be “Cookie”, a man who was once under the command of Raven’s father and also is a father to a teenage girl herself. Character-wise, seeing Raven and Sunshine’s attitudes and banter bounce off each other is totally worth reading. With the addition of Cookie, who gives off a mother hen vibe (which doesn’t work against his gender for me because most, if not all the dads in the Princeless universe can be overbearing), and his daughter Jayla, they add yet another element to this promising kitchen hangout.


Raven, preaching to the choir here.

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Seeing that Issue #1 had a solid footing into this arena with a 9.0, Issue #2 completely just blew me out the water here with assembling of Raven’s crew with all the jokes and the intense bar fight that followed. I think a lot of people chalk up the Princeless comic book line as “something our daughters will love,” but this entry is just another big reminder that it is surely something that has a little bit for everyone. Yes, everyone.

The little ones can read and enjoy and the writing is sophisticated enough that we grown-ups can get a KICK out of it too. I can’t stress just how much I loved this issue. The “interviewing potential crew” pages are stand-alone gold here and the art keeps up equal pace so we’re given the total package here. I was left wanting for nothing (well almost nothing- the next issue in my hands asap would be swell). This issue lacks nothing.  It’s consistent with the storyline we were introduced to in Issue #1, Whitley’s writing touches bases on a number of topics in a fun way (like the parodying of the “Fake Geek Girl” below), Higgins and Brandt as an duo produce clean, crisp artwork that is instantly recognizable that I can pick out of a pile of comics. Again, the cover was really cool, too. Keep up the fantastic work Team Whitley/Brandt/Higgins!

Not #FakeGeekGirl but #FakePirateGirl (If that gets trending on Twitter, I want my due credit)

10 out of 10

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