You Got Games on Your Phone?: A Look at Shin Megami Tensei D x 2 (Closed Beta!)

Shin Megami Tensei D x 2

Once Again, You Are The Chosen One

Shin Megami Tensei finally hit the mobile platform. Of course, your girl is ready for that existential doubt to be released to the inter-webs. First, players choose between a girl or boy character and begin their journey. Players immediately look upward to this tall cybernetic being with an eyeglass, that comes through with the classic video game/anime anecdote “You are the chosen one” (give it on up for affirmation y’all). Then, followed by a classic “What, why me?” (luckily you can’t choose between races because I don’t think this is an accurate depiction of what would have happened if you were a black character).

By the end of the whole monologue, the main point I got from that conversation was: “So, we’re in a war that you are now forced to participate in. Here are these demons. Learn how to use them. Protect the world from this politically shifted dilemma about the daily human experience. Now, go!”

Nothing different from the usual Shin Megami Tensei games.

Shin Megami Tensei D x 2

What I enjoyed about previous games was that the storyline was a bit deeper before the player gets into the nitty-gritty battle stuff. In D x 2 it feels almost like we were immediately thrown in the middle of something unexpected. They do this often, but in this case it felt like there was no reasoning behind being the chosen one. No story to reflect on. Rather you are given various mini-stories and kind of pushed to do your own searching for purpose.

They do continue with the “make your own choice” dialogue, which is a personal favorite. I am looking forward to these decisions making a concrete stance towards your stats. Understanding the limitation of mobile game platforms, I understand. As a consistent player of the series, I feel underwhelmed.

Unforgettable Character Tropes

Granted the character work compensated for the lack of story line. The characters had distinct personalities that was recognizable from the beginning. The classic “exuberant extrovert”. The “intense friend that says borderline murderous things and you wouldn’t want to piss off”. Some returns from your favorite demons. And don’t forget about along the enemies within the separate mini-stories that enhance the experience. With that being said…

Why this guy keep saying, “Aight”?

Shin Megami Tensei D x 2

Why all of these characters keep saying “Aight”? Character development seems to be going at a solid rate, but I am misunderstanding the consistent use of “Aight”. Are we going to have this character that looks like he is straddling the “Black Line” but the race is left up in the air so they get to claim the race’s vernacular without any repercussions?

Shin Megami Tensei D x 2
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That Graphic Though

Now, I’ll admit. Not too bad for the graphics. At times it does look somewhat out of place. Most battles take place within a city setting, so the colors are a bit conflicting. I feel like if there was background shading (maybe a different night and day setting) this could be enhanced. I could tell with improvements this could be captivating, but overall it is slightly above average for a mobile game. The character design is really good. Their slightly three-dimensional design highlights the character’s facial features and helps them pop out from the background. I appreciated this due to the demon’s consistent camouflage within the background.

Shin Megami Tensei D x 2

Mobile Games Coming for Your Coin

As a dedicated fan of Shin Megami Tensei’s Persona series, I won’t lie I was slightly disappointed. Knowing Shin Megami Tensei‘s games tend to be on heavy story and play by play fighting matches I had a feeling of what I was getting into. Their entry onto the mobile platform was a brilliant idea considering that the popularity of mobile gaming has been on the rise. The effort put into the growth of mobile gaming platform has been substantial since the release of amazing games such as Marvel’s Contest of Champions, The Sims Mobile, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Pokemon Go!.

D x 2 arrived in an interesting fashion. I originally thought they were going to go down the “We’re all being enslaved in cyberspace” route. Though this did not happen, I’m interested in how will this gameover time overtime. This game does heat-up your phone quickly. Take necessary precautions. It also includes in-app purchases, to help improve your experience. These purchases (so far) do not seem necessary for the continuation of your game-play.

7.9 Nekomatas out of 10

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