‘Sooo Many White Guys’: Comedy Queen Phoebe Robinson’s New Podcast

My life is simple; I come home from a long day of busting my ass at work with very little to show for it and all I want to do—and all I usually end up doing—is curl up in bed and laugh at something genuinely funny, something that can melt away the stress and bullshit I had to deal with that day, something that can make me laugh so hard that I’m convinced I’m forming abs and that I was totally cool to skip the gym.

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I wrote previously about a podcast that gives me that life, one in which The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams and stand-up comedian and TV writer Phoebe Robinson slay weekly as they discuss an encyclopedia’s worth of Blerd/POC/people problems, like casting directors who only want you as The Black BFF, hunting for peen on Tinder, and hoping hard that former First Lady Jackie O had a side piece. 2 Dope Queens is one of very few things that makes me lose my shit in public and actually laugh out loud instead of trying to hold it in and just rapidly blowing air through my nostrils.

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The Queens’ friend-chemistry and fucking awesome guest stars make the podcast one of very, very few things that can hold my attention for 50+ minutes at a time without me starting to try and read articles or Facebook (I know, damn millennial, I verb-ed “Facebook”) while listening to it under the (false) assumption that I can multitask—except for right now, of course, as I’m pausing the latest podcast to write this… Anyway, 2 Dope Queens is a work of goddamn art and if you haven’t given it a listen, now’s the time.
But… (Record scratch!)

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This article isn’t about Queens, though. This article is about how when I saw on their Facebook page that Phoebe Robinson is doing a solo act—1 Dope Queen doing what 2 Dope Queens does BUT MORE, while 2 Dope Queens is still running weekly…GAWD! I flipped not one, but five to seven million shits. I am goddamn pumped.

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You can listen to Phoebe’s audio preview on your own if you want, but either way…

Here’s my personal intro for Soo Many White Guys.

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Phoebe Robinson is damn sick of being the token black girl in a herd dominated by white, cis-male comedians. What better way to combat that than to single-handedly host her own talk show podcast featuring authors, musicians, comedians, producers, et cetera who are *gasp* not white dudes? Like, at all? Yeah, take a huge, gluttonous bite of that refreshing and delicious POC pie like you just quit white sugar in exchange for that organic raw cane shit, and recognize that it’s the bomb.

The preview samples an interview with music artist Lizzo, Fresh Prince’s Nia Long, and a clip of Broad City’s (and SMWG’s exec producer) Ilana Glazer’s ridiculous voicemail messages for Phoebe. The preview is but a 4-minute-long taste, and I don’t think it will nearly do the real thing justice once it comes out; 2 Dope Queens is a pretty good taste of what’s to come.

Even though SMWG doesn’t come out til late July, it’s gaining mad traction online, which should definitely speak to the quality of Phoebe’s work!

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If by now you still have no desire to listen to it, I have nothing else I could possibly say to convince you otherwise.

July 27th. I’ll be there. Will you?

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