The Green Lantern #9 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison / Artist: Liam Sharp / DC Comics

Thus far, Grant Morrison has spent a lot of time making The Green Lantern strange and interesting while delving into some of the most obscure corners of the character’s mythology. In the last few issues, we see him placing more focus on making the book fun.

This issue takes a weird detour into a sort of sword and sorcery fantasy as Sir Hal of the Lantern must do battle with a wizard on the planet Athmoora. If you haven’t read any previous issues, it’s no problem immersing yourself into the Middle Earth-esque excitement. Morrison never lets you forget that Hal lives for this kind of danger and excitement, fully embracing the pulpy, silver-age style that this book clearly worships in every panel. Also, there’s the additional tidbit of teasing some upcoming multiversal hijinks, which is Morrison’s bread and butter.

Liam Sharp’s design choices are pretty brilliant. His take on Abin Sur is among one of the more memorable versions I’ve seen and Sir Hal is basically begging to be a collectible action figure somewhere down the road. Meanwhile, the color palette is versatile and the faces are highly expressive. I can guarantee this is artwork that’s going to be lauded and imitated a decade down the road.

Bottom Line: Whether you’d kept abreast of the overarching plot points or you’ve never picked this book up a day in your life, I promise you’re going to find this issue impressive and tons of fun.

9 twelve-sided die out of 10

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