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To start off, my sincerest apologies for missing last week’s recap. The past week was so busy that I didn’t even get to watch the episode off-mute until the replay on Sunday. A combination of the holidays, helping friends and family move and taking on the Galactic Empire.

As promised, here are a couple songs to summarize the biggest points from The Walking Dead episode 6.7, “Heads Up.”

1.) “Tupac Back” – Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross



The rest of that song doesn’t really apply to a Korean guy in the zombie apocalypse, but you get the picture. After weeks of public debates on whether or not Glenn died or not, we’ve finally got our answer. The survival gawd was able so slide himself under that dumpster (which looks a lot closer now than it did before) and wait out the walkers.

2.) “Mystery of Iniquity” – Lauryn Hill

You got it Lauryn, it does all fall down. In the case of The Walking Dead, “it” refers to the wall wrapped around Alexandria that’s responsible for keeping the bad things out and the good things in. But, all walls are meant to fall eventually. Especially when a half-destroyed church tower is right next to it. (In hindsight, why didn’t they just build the wall around it when they started all of this? It was only a few feet away.)

So the mid-season finale begins with us watching the wall to Alexandria be destroyed and a herd of what is probably a few hundred walkers filing their way in.

The episode starts off with us getting a look into the life of Jessie’s son Sam, who’s recently become a terrified shut-in after the Wolves attacked. He’s resorted to pass the time by playing dusty old music you’d hear in a Looney Tune cartoon and drawing pictures of him being tied up to a tree as walker bait – Thanks, Carol. He does get cool points for playing with toys from Invincible, Robert Kirkman’s other majorly successful comic book series.  But he quickly loses those same cool points for leaving food in the room he refuses to leave so long that an entire army of ants claims it as their own.


Meanwhile, outside, “Start to Finish” brought on the kind of chaos you’d expect in a mid-season finale. As the bell tower of the neighboring church crumbled and destroyed part of the wall, the residents looked on in terror and scattered to find some kind of security from the incoming walkers in nearby houses.

Amid the chaos, Deanna showed that she can’t deliver a pointblank headshot and falls onto a buzzsaw. Morgan and Carol get separated from the group and run off to the house where Morgan was keeping the Wolf prisoner. Maggie takes a play out of Glenn’s book and finds a high surface and takes a nap until things chill out. Rosita and Tara save Eugene from one lone walker like he doesn’t have a perfectly good machete in his hands. Lastly, Jessie comes to the rescue of pretty much everyone else.

[Note: How does one find a machete? I’ve never actually seen one in person and they have enough on this show to lead a small rebellion in an oppressed village somewhere.]


After multiple pep talks, it’s time for Glenn to give Enid one more after they walk up to the sight of Alexandria being overrun. She taps right into survival mode and Glenn taps right into big brother/future daddy mode.

After everyone brings in a hurt (and bit) Deanna, Jessie wins a mom of the year award for telling Sam to “just pretend to be somebody that’s not scared.”

By now it’s been made pretty clear that Morgan and Carol are on complete opposite sides of the moral spectrum. So it’s perfect that they get stuck together. The only problem is that Denise is still alone downstairs with the wolf who’s obviously playing some serious mind games with her. He explains that he got his injury by trying to break into a car and gives her his speech on how the world’s changed and become a free-for-all.

Jessie and Rick talk about how Deanna’s on the verge of death and a plan to eventually lure the walkers away from the houses. Meanwhile, Michonne has a heart to heart with Deanna about a brighter future for Alexandria.

I’m not sure if anyone else heard a bell go off or not, but once Carl stepped into the garage to find a grieving Ron, things got tense. Ron decided to come at Carl on some “you’re dad’s a killer” mess like his dad didn’t accidentally kill someone while trying to kill Rick. Ron locks the door, draws his gun and Carl throws him against the door. Things get so out of hand that they attract walkers and break a glass door for them to get through. Rick has to break the door open with an axe to rescue them.

Carl lies and tells everyone that he and Ron were fighting walkers instead of each other. Carl makes a big judgment call and draws his gun on Ron and takes his back because he clearly can’t be trusted with one. So, instead of getting the epic “your dad killed my dad” moment from the comics, we got Carl reminding Ron that his dad was the king of all assholes. Rick goes to check on Judith after hearing her cry only to notice that Deanna is missing. He walks in to the sight of her reaching into Judith’s play pin and assumed she’s a walker. Deanna almost caught a hatchet to the face before she yelled out that she’s still her. Confession, I was laughing uncontrollably at this point.


After a deep heart to heart, Deanna helps Rick realize that, whether he likes it or not, all of the people in Alexandria are his people. And that he can grow one hell of a beard. While downstairs, Rick, Michonne, Jessie, Gabriel and a few others are still trying to fight off the walkers trying to make their way into the house. They use a couch to barricade themselves upstairs and grab two of the walkers bodies. Tara takes some time to let Rosita know that Abraham isn’t dead (but he is trying to get some of Sasha).

the-walking-dead-episode-608-morgan-james-2-935 Back at the other house, Carol’s faking a concussion to get away from Morgan to run downstairs to find the Wolf. She holds him at knifepoint before Morgan blocks her path with his staff.


The two have a standoff (both literal and metaphorical) until Morgan eventually overtakes Carol in a scuffle. Which is good because Carol admits she would’ve killed him to kill the Wolf. The Wolf takes advantage of Morgan’s back being turned and knocks him out. He then uses Carol’s knife to cut himself loose and holds Denise at knifepoint.

Tara, Rosita and Eugene have broken out of the garage they were in and made it to the basement to find the Wolf with Denise. Instead of taking the clearly makable headshot, they give their guns to him. He walks away with Denise as his hostage.

Rick, Carl, Michonne, Gabriel, Jessie and Ron grab some bed sheets and start to cover themselves with walker guts so that they can attempt to walk through the herd unnoticed. Sam walks in looking like he saw a ghost and Jessie has to try and give him another “pretend you’re brave” pep talk.

As they begin to head outside, Gabriel tells Rick that he’s not going to give up, no matter what happens. Showing that he finally trusts him move, Rick tells him he believes him.

The episode ends with Glenn and Enid seeing Maggie standing above a group of walkers, a dying Deanna firing six shots into a crowd of approaching walkers (and she doesn’t have two guns, #No Django) and the group standing on the porch going unnoticed by the walkers surrounding them as they prepare to make a long trek to safety. Before the screen goes black, you can hear Sam calling for his mom like she isn’t two feet away from him. So you can only imagine how badly things will go come the next premiere.


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