Ms. Marvel #13 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artist: Mirka Andolfo / Marvel Comics

[quote_simple]”And I’m just trying to get it on ’til I die
Am I wrong if I’m living like the laws don’t apply?” -Black Thought[/quote_simple]

Things are as bad as they ever been for our fanfic MVP. Kamala is back in school after going away for a month to find herself somewhere else in her family’s home overseas before Jersey City. However, she returns to Bruno gone, a sad Mike and the teacher’s lesson plan dragging her current state for filth. When things couldn’t possibly get worse fuckshit takes center stage as her brother-in-law Gabriel has been relocated to her school due to the bureaucracy. Notice how Bureaucracy and fuck shit go hand in hand?


Kamala suspects foul play and heads downtown to investigate and it turns out the mayor is on on the fuck shit, but not by choice. There are strings being pulled behind the scenes that he makes Kamala aware of on the sly. This takes us into the mayor’s opposition being dirty, and by dirty I mean being in bed with Hydra. We see the hope yard villain Chuck Worthy reappear trying to make moves politically with Doctor Faustus backing him. Listen, G Willow did not come to play games with y’all in this issue at all, as we are now in a President-elect Trump era this issue is clearly a sign to the Rocky Horror Show that was the 2016 presidential elections. What’s truly dope game about this issue is that G-Dubs (The fanfic rap name we refer to G. Willow Wilson by on the site) gives Kamala a problem that can’t necessarily be fixed with beating people up.

We’re seeing Kamala now taking on problems that are more systemic with this issue and Mikey offers Kamala an option that is more effective than the usual “storm the villain’s place, wreck their face, furniture, as well as all their nice things and hope it turns out for the best” fix to the issue. Wilson gets in-depth with a breakdown of how the gerrymandering taking place dividing up the votes in the district can be taken down through grass roots actions. What then occurs is Kamala being out in the streets getting people to vote and delivering those any given Sunday football speeches that she is only getting better at and will eventually give her a spot for the mantle of Captain America (as her champions’ teammates Nova, Spider-Man as well as the writer Mark Waid can see clear as day.)

Wilson has an incredible way of making Kamala’s optimism infectious. Kamala is the Naruto of Marvel universe. Believe it. I’m cynical as fuck too, so for me to feel human emotion throughout this issue continually was a testament to such a great character and writing. It also helps when you got Mirka Andolfo delivering the visuals. For me looking at the art it’s amazing to see how it reflects Adrian Alphona’s from volume one but incorporates a unique shading and tone that makes it pop differently. I feel like this is a great successor art wise from volume one which is a hard, hard, and I stress incredibly hard feel/essence to capture that Mirka does effortlessly. My favorite panel this whole issue is how she captures the cinnamon-rollness (that’s a thing now) of Kamala as she takes a bus to City Hall. This is a great moment to display just how close and trusted by the community Ms. Marvel is. She even knows the driver by name, too? Come on, man.


Now I’m just a lowly substitute reviewer for this month but if we talking bars… If we talking educating folks on policies, practices, and how differences can be made. Then we gotta be talking about this issue of Ms. Marvel. I could easily see this book being taught in schools, used for lesson plans. Hell, if this was out when I was in high-school I’d be presenting for my book report in social studies.

9.8 Bills Sitting on Capital Hill out of 10

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