All New X-Men #32 Review

Bendis is really starting to find an identity for both of his X-titles. Uncanny, as of late, has really taken shape as the depiction of a divided family. All New X-Men has become what the Original Five do when the adults are doing adult shit. These two definitely play much better off of one another now that their purposes have started to take shape.

This week, the Originals try to gain their bearings since being suddenly thrown into the Ultimate Universe. There are a few good cameo appearances here and there, but then there’s the inevitable guest spot we all REALLY want to see: Miles Morales aka The Only Reason To Even Keep Up With The Ultimate Universe Anymore. The exchange between Jean Grey and Miles are strong. It’s especially funny to watch because Ultimate Peter Parker had a similar (but slightly less awkward) experience with Ultimate Jean Grey. It’s nice to see Miles as a fresh set of eyes in Peter’s world at times. The funniest scene has to be when we find out what becomes of X-23. Bendis is really putting an exclamation on the fact that every X-team seems almost contractually obligated to have their very own Wolverine even if it’s a Turn Down For What teenage version with knives in her feet.

Now, for the bad news: the art suffers a bit this week. In his defense, Mahmud Asrar DID do his very best to maintain the same aesthetic standard of Sara Pichelli and Stuart Immonen before her and he even had a couple of beautiful panels that stood out at times. But the sad fact is Mahmud Asrar is not Sara Pichelli or Stuart Immonen. There were often moments where the facial expressions weren’t necessarily bad but just sort of lazy and rushed. Granted, following up the A-listers that he did was destined to be a thankless job from the start, but he didn’t really do himself all the favors he could have either.

Bottom Line: Pretty good. Could have been truly awesome, but the lax in art caused this one to fall short of The Glory. 7.5 out of 10.


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  • Draper

    So, was it established that all of the X-Men were sent to the Ultimate Universe? I know that Jean and Angel are, but I’m not sure on the rest. Is Ultimate Doom alive? I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Hank in Latveria.

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