Writer: Gabby Rivera, Kelly Thompson / Artist: Ramon Villalobos / Marvel Comics

Yoh! Things are as bad as they could get for America Chavez. She awakes to find herself in a boxing ring against Mags. She is getting the Mike Tyson Super Punch Out to the dome due to Midas having Mags’ father as a hostage. This entire underground Vegas fight club set up is hosted by Arcade who apparently is indebted to Midas. Midas is really getting their corporate take over on in Marvel 616.

We see a cameo from a bunch of underworld villains (some low level some… higher-on-the-lower-level?) plus Mindless ones. Rivera is now tying the pieces together as to just how far the reach of Midas stretches. Mags is preparing to sacrifice herself in order to save her father as she feels she’s all out of options. However, as we know with America Chavez, ain’t no such things as being out of options.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.30.26 AM

We see Kate Bishop’s perspective two hours earlier from Chavez being kidnaped. Bishop meets Madrimar, the dimension jumping Lucha Libre warlock Chaves told her about. Madrimar interfers in order to help and Bishop is with it. Listen, when I tell you Madrimar stole the show this issue? I mean to say that beside the big reveal in just what her connection is to America, beside her unveiling another subset of powers that America has yet to unlock, aside from all that shit.

Madrimar is out here giving muhfuckas the work! My god, she straight up JBL Clothesline From Hell’d a dude. Bishop got arrows flying in the back while Madrimar put a dude in a fucking Kata ha jime AKA Tazmission (if you nasty) AKA Coquina Clutch (if you really wanna reach for the reference).

Seeing Madrimar incorporate wrestling moves gave me all of the fucking life. All of the fucking life. Then she mentions even more? Powered up wrestling moves? I’m sorry, did I die and wake up in fucking WWF No Mercy? Did I wake up in Def Jam Vendetta? Someone let me know if I am no longer on this mortal plane and my soul finally ascended to Saturday Night Slammasters!

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.31.52 AM

Ramon Villalobos, you’re a fucking fool for this shit. We saw a very groggy and vulnerable Chavez getting a knock-out shot that had no male gaze in it whatsoever. No glamour shot. Nothing but raw muscle, grit, and grime, which I appreciated, but this shit right here? Ugh. Be still my beating wrasslin’ fan heart. I loved it. Perfection. Now we see why Madrimar dresses like a Luchador. And having that as the foreshadowing all along to her fighting style? Full circle. It’s all coming full circle.

For me this issue was one of the most fun ones we’ve had yet. Midas is still coming into Chavez’s life without any subtlety whatsoever, which can make it feel over the top at times but the reveal is having it make more sense and the importance of America Chavez better stands out. …DUDE SHE DID THE FUCKING TAZMISSION! I’MA CALL IT THE COQUINA CLUTCH FOR THE GRADE BUT THAT WAS THE TAZMISSION AND I LIIIIIVE! MADRMIMAR ‘BOUT THAT MAE YOUNG CLASSIC LIFE!

8.7 Clotheslines from Hell and Tazmissions out of 10

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