That Arrow Season 3 Trailer dropped & Oliver Queen is on his Drake in “Uncharted” shit.

The CW got their budget looking right cause to top season 2, they need to go big.

We got the gang back together again with some new faces showing up as well. More importantly however, we getting the back story on how Amanda “The Gawd of Walls” Waller already been known Ollie’s dossier. Oliver told us before he wasn’t always on Lian Yu, we bout to see another side of his 5 year disappearance.

Lets get into them new faces in tho! Enter: Ray Palmer aka The Atom showing up
A DC hero that was on the justice league and can shrink his size down smaller than Iggy Azalea’s importance in the grand scheme of hip hop. He is being played by Brandon James Routh (Wait they got dude from Superman Returns / Dylan Dog on a CW show now? Times that tough bruh bruh?) which will be interesting to see him portraying a more sciene based hero.

Now it looks like the main “say hello to the bad guy” villain this season will be none other than the Lazarus pit resurrecting, Dogfish Head 90 minute Ipa dranking, Demon Head Bad Guy In Charge… Ra’s Al Ghul.
We just…we just goin keep ripping off Batman’s rogue gallery tho?
That’s what we do now? Okay, just asking.

Season 3 is on it’s way in October. Now some may have been disappointed in season one and felt like Ollie Let Starling City down in season two as well (or that Slade Wilson could got more shine and fleshing out)… me? I’m still holding out hope man. I feel like this the best we done had in a long long while.

I still got faith Ollie, go head and dump them arrows!


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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  • Shaka Draper

    Yes, I felt that they’re going a little wild with Batman villains. Nyssa was one thing…but the main Batman villain?! Why not have the whole thing masterminded by Braniac while they’re at it? They would be better off using classic GA villains or even Titans villains, or just keeping the League of Assassins or…going generic with Kobra or something…tons to work with… 🙂

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