Johnathan Mason

Live-action cartoon character, based on the tie-in manga inspired by the video game. Previous residences include The Disney Afternoon, the Turtle Lair, and Santa Destroy. Will edit for pizza and graphic novels.
Rainbow Brite #1 Cover

Rainbow Brite #1 Is Everyday Magic

Writer: Jeremy Whitley / Artist: Brittney Williams / Dynamite COLOR COMMENTARY To start with a confession, ...

Two Ton Rock God #1

Two Ton Rock God #1 Is Riff-Compatible

Writer: Chris Scott / Artist: Chris Scott T.T.R.G. THE OST Before artist/writer Chris Scott introduces you ...

Border Town #2 Cover

Border Town #2 Review

Writer: Eric M. Esquivel / Artist: Ramon Villalobos / DC Comics BEHIND LA MASCARA The second ...

Border Town #1 Cover

Border Town From Vertigo Takes All The Right Risks

Writer: Eric M. Esquivel / Artists: Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain / Vertigo Comics ...