Writer: Jason Aaron / Artists: Ed McGuinness and Paco Medina / Marvel Comics

I have the most prophetic feeling that in 13 years a 30-year-old is going to be going on about Jason Aaron’s Avengers being their defining introduction to Marvel Comics. The same way I feel about Bendis’ New Avengers from 2004, I can see the makings of a voice with the potential to shape the Marvel Universe for the foreseeable future. Captain America and Iron Man debating getting the Avengers back together. A threat bringing together heroes by matter of circumstance. This book echoes the points hit in the comic that brought me into the world of Marvel.

Aaron brings a wit, silliness, and bite to this story. Captain Marvel and Iron Man shout each other down and reference their last clash when Thor chimes in, “Nay! Cease thy Civil Warring!” I have had no interest in the new Ghost Rider but he brings youth to the team like Spider-Man, very much aware of being out of his league.

Avengers #3
Oh This HAS to be the Next Movie Poster

I find She-Hulk to be a solid addition; the Wild Card. She gets to be terrifyingly angry towards a new character like Ghost Rider but then another hero more familiar with her is confused and use to her being in control. It’s glorious when she gives Captain Marvel a solid, I’m Hulk-ing and would rather not get into how pissed off I am.

Ed McGuinness and his creative team give us some captivating visuals. The coloring and the line work just pop, especially with the pulsating action throughout the book. A beautiful team pose with a cityscape backdrop (albeit missing a key Avengers member) paralyzed me with awe. It also inspired an “aww” with poor Ghost Rider WAY in the back posted up on his car. The MVP scene in this book was when Thor decides to confront Odin in Asgard, bringing along one other member in case things get froggy. It makes me shake my head grimace just how absolutely sick this panel is.

Avengers #3
I Will Never Grow Tired of Cap Throwing the Shield at Loki

The more issues in, the more immersed in the story and impressed with the art and dialogue I get. In 14 more years don’t be surprised when I’m an old ass man giddy to show all the kids my original copies of Avengers by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness.

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