Avengers #33 Review

writer: Jonathan Hickman / artist: Leinil Francis Yu

As Captain America barrels 50,000 years into future, the long form of this specific story seems to come to a somewhat satisfying conclusion. There is great imagination in how the world is destined to evolve in 50K years and the reasoning of the AI that governs it is strangely coherent and “reasonable.” However this is a story within a story as the seeds (literally) planted a few issues back take bloom here in a very cool and tightly scripted way. The question is: what does this necessarily have to do with anything in the present? There were hints at what the actions of Tony (and we assume the Illuminati) took would have repercussions that led to this future in the last issue, but the threads are still too far apart to connect in an organic way just yet. The ending of this issue suggests that Hickman is completing the circle next month, but there’s still a lot of hand wringing to get there.

There are some moments I really enjoy in this book, specifically, the isolation of Steve Rogers as he approaches the Worldcore. Yu’s art is vast and boundless and it fits so well with Rogers personality. Cap’s isolation is different from Iron Man’s isolation in that is the burden of his displacement and valor and not out of vanity or his controversial actions. I was most enamored with the opening and how the minimalist text and art give a unique peak into the character study of Rogers.

We closed some loops in this latest issue of Avengers and it seems that the story arc may be reaching its climax, but it also felt like it needed to do some clean-up to continue the most important parts of the story as well.


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