Avengers #47 Review: World War She-Hulk Part 2

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Javier Garron / Marvel Comics

So we have a World War She-Hulk event on our hands! The Winter Guard has kidnapped Jen Walters and stuck her in the birthplace of cold blooded killers like Omega Red, Black Widow and the Winter Soldier. Avengers #47 quickly goes from, “Will the Avengers rescue She-Hulk in time?” to “What’s really going on here”? I was worried WWSH #2 would fall short of expectations after a somewhat lackluster opening issue but it didn’t disappoint!

With Jen Walters firmly in the grasps of the Russians, you can’t help but worry about the mental well being of the lady in green. With the title being World War She-Hulk, you find yourself wondering what those glimpses of a red Hulk from last issue mean.

Creepy widow covered ballerina children attacking She-Hulk

Jason Aaron and Javier Garron do a nice job creating an air of suspense as Cap and Iron Man get closer with each turn of the page. I dont think anyone will ever top Ewing’s horrific take on Bruce Banner, but these 2 artists must’ve been taking notes because the Red Room scenes are frightening. Garron does an excellent job on the artwork, whether it’s all beautiful panel and clearly defined page of horrors like the one above.

In the end, the She-Hulk reveal was worth it and certainly leaves readers with a laundry list of questions. What is Dracula and his army of the undead up to? How does Thor still have his hammer? Will this experience leave Jen with even more powers? Why does Captain Marvel keep getting taken out by lesser opponents? Here’s to hoping we get answers to some of those questions, and good ol Jen Walters back in time for her Disney+ show!

8 Severed Arm Escapes out of 10

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