Batman #68 Review

Batman #68 Cover

Writer: Tom King/ Artist: Amanda Conner, Dan Panosian, John Timms, and Mikel Janín/ DC Comics

Well, this has been one hell of an interesting ride.

Batman #68 brings us to the end of “Knightmare,” an arc that took us deep into the twisted and contorted psyche of Bruce Wayne after he’s been taken captive.

The previous five parts of this series have varied wildly in regards to the ground they cover and how they look on the page. This issue is no different, as it shows us what very likely may have been events following Batman #37, when Bruce and Selina Kyle had a double date with Clark Kent and Lois Lane and carries a similar charm throughout.

Batman #68 Inside

In this issue, Bruce and Selina have invited Clark and Lois, respectively, to join them for what can best be described as two very unique bachelor/bachelorette parties. Selina and Lois pick up where they left off with great chemistry that I’d honestly consider reading in a mini-seires all on its own. Bruce and Clark, on the other hand, are reminded just how totally different they are. Which is always enjoyable to see, in a cringey, awkward kind of way.

By the end of the issue, King manages to fit in the point of this issue, and it hits as hard as all of the revelations we’ve had in the last few issues.

Individually, this issue is a fun step away from the main Batman story. But, it also suffers from being exactly that. We haven’t covered much ground in this story in 8 issues now. By my rudimentary math, that’s four months. I know I’m not the most patient fella, but I’m not sure what I’ll do if issue #69 doesn’t get us back on track. [Probably something between a guttural scream and a face-palm hard enough to break my brand new glasses. Which will then result in a guttural scream…]

8.3 out of 10

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