Brown Girls Trailer Is What The Intersectionality Game Been Missin’

“First off, you gotta stop eating dirty butt.”

Look, if this is the first line spoken in your trailer…if this is how you get introduced to the world that is Brown Girls, I think it’s safe to say that nothing is off the table, fam. Nada. But also, that’s true. “No more dirty butt.” I feel like if you get nothing else out of this trailer, that bit of advice will carry you far.

Most of the trailer plays like a beautiful slide show of mostly Black and Brown women set against the backdrop that is the localized wilderness they have to find their way through. The protagonist Leila is a South Asian-American writer in her 20s, traversing this awkward landscape with her friend Patricia in a coming-of-age story that navigates feminism, sex positivity, queerness, and racial diversity. Basically some shit your ass needs to be aware of in your everyday lives. Click the photo below for the trailer.


2017 is the year for this to drop, fam. People of Color doing shit like only People of Color can has been the theme for your viewing experience over the past year or so. Seeing this gorgeously shot show with these gorgeously Brown and Black people tell the kind of story usually reserved for the plucky doesn’t fit in White girl in her sophomore year at college is so refreshing. Not only do we need a series like this, we need a series and a whole gang of series like it marching through the front door of Middle America’s home. Here for it!


Directed by Sam Bailey and written by Fatimah Asghar (a guest contributor on this here interwebsite), the joy and carefree scenes mixed with the struggle and difficulties gets all up in your feels. Two minutes is barely enough and 2017 feels very far away. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible soundtrack that holds the reins on this trailer with an original song from Jamila Woods and Lisa Mishra. If this is any indication of what this series is going to look like, you might want to set your bookmark on so you don’t miss that premiere in the coming year.


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