Cosplay Becomes a Beautiful Addiction: Jahara Jayde Interview

Jahara Jayde

Obviously, everyone knows that being a Sailor Moon fan (a Moonie, if you will) is required when applying for your anime weeb license. Twenty plus years after being introduced to it, my eyes are still drawn to anything and everything Sailor Moon-related. This is especially true for cosplays.

Jahara Jayde has every sailor scout cosplay under her belt. It’s incredible. The style and the capture of each sailor scout is so beautiful. She’s sincerely one of my favorite cosplayers to see come by my feed. I am extremely honored to have been granted an interview with her, so please enjoy!

Oona: Please tell us about yourself! What’s your origin story and how has your Hero’s Journey been so far?

Jahara Jayde: My name is Jahara! I’m 30, live in Arizona, am happily engaged, and we have a 5-year-old daughter. I also have 2 beautiful stepdaughters! Oh and 2 doggos, a pitbull and a boxer. I stream on Twitch, Cosplay, and also work as a private Japanese tutor. My degree is in East Asian Studies, and I lived and worked in Japan for a while! I also happen to be vegan because I have a number of autoimmune issues and food allergies lol.

I started cosplaying around September 2020. My first [was] Breath of the Wild Zelda! Which I did for my Twitch community! I kind of just hit the ground running, because it was so much fun. I became instantly addicted to it. I bought several more costumes, learned to make a few, and started teaching myself how to apply and style wigs! It all happened rather quickly. Which is a testament to how much I enjoyed it. I started posting my cosplays on twitter and TikTok in November. As for IG, I started consistently posting there around June 2021!

On the streamer side, I’ve been a gaming streamer on Twitch since August 2020 and got partnered in June 2021. You can typically find me streaming games like Breath of the Wild, FFXIV, FF7R, and other JRPGs!


The journey so far has been a wild ride. I started nearly everything I’m doing now because of the lockdown period of the pandemic, and I never expected it to grow where it is today. I’ve been so thankful for the support and outpour of kind words. I really love everything I’m doing at the moment, and I’m so happy people are enjoying it, and even feeling inspired by it!

Oona: How would you describe your cosplay style? How do you create? Do you have any big projects in the works that you can dish about?

Jahara: I suppose I might describe my cosplay style as realistic or adaptive. I do my best to make the cosplay look as realistic as possible. That usually means making the wig look like it could be growing out of my head, by changing the texture of the hair or adjusting the tone! I like people to wonder “maybe she just dyed her own hair…?” As far as creation, I don’t make the majority of my cosplays. I buy them and modify them where necessary! Tailoring, accessory replacement, etc. Then I find and style my own wigs. However, if there isn’t an existing costume for something, I’m happy to make/piece it together myself. I also typically choose characters that hold nostalgia for me, or ones I’m really obsessed with at that time!

As for projects, I’ve got Dark Lady, Tuxedo Mask, ChibiUsa, Yennefer, Cardcaptor Sakura, and a few other Sailor Moon characters in the works!

Oona: Who or what inspires you?

Jahara: My fiancé inspires me. He sees the best in me and has always told me I can, even when I tell myself I can’t. He supports and applauds everything I try to do. Having him in my corner is priceless.

Oona: Who is your favorite starter Pokémon and why?

Jahara: Charmander! Fire good. Lizards are also good. Cute fire lizard is the best!


You can find Jahara Jayde at the links below.

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