Event: Leviathan #1 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Alex Meleev / DC Comics

When I saw another comic on Leviathan after reading that behemoth of a book, Leviathan Rising, I was exasperated. Then I saw that Alex Meleev was on it and my heart fluttered. Especially because of how good Daredevil has been lately, a Bendis/ Maleev book ignites nostalgia in me. Event: Leviathan is sort of Bendis’s take on Detective Comics. With Superman out in space dealing with his Kryptonian family, Lois and the lower-to-the-ground heroes still have Leviathan to deal with. One more target is destroyed in a blue flash. In an odd twist, though, one person seems to have survived the explosion unscathed. They are confronted by the first two sleuths to arrive, Batman and Lois Lane. Thus, begins a discussion of Leviathan. The three investigators exchange information and pretty much conclude that they don’t know much. By the end of the book we have the beginnings of a team and a plan to figure this mystery out.

This is the second time in recent months I’ve seen an extended interaction between Lois Lane and Batman, and I need more. They talk like someone’s wife and weird best friend; you know for a fact that they would not hang out if not for being married/friends with the same person. “How are you?” “I’m Batman”. Legit, Batman is probably a very unpleasant person to talk to but one thing I love to see in him that Bendis touches on, is his respect for Superman.

Since he’s on the cover, I don’t feel bad for mentioning that we add Oliver Queen to the mix. I’ve watched my fair share of Arrow. While reading this comic, however, I realize I have never read a comic with him. It’s a little (lot a bit) embarrassing, given his classic comic series with Hal Jordan that addressed civil rights. In this comic, Oliver Queen has an air in between Batman’s seriousness and complete comic relief. It promises a fun dynamic. All of this framed by Alex Meleev’s iconic artistic style makes Event: Leviathan a must-read. And if the cover can be trusted to add a certain other character… this could become a powerhouse in the Leviathan-Bendis baby.

8 “Obvious Nods to Batman Smashing Talia” out of 10

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