‘Final Space’ Season 3 Ain’t Got Room For Jokes

I feel like I cannot stress this enough. Final Space is a show that is firing on all cylinders. The characters, their development, the soundtrack, the humor, and especially the heartache. It’s all balanced until the moments where it is all hurt. Gary Goodspeed’s journey has been full of adventure but just like his daddy told him, it’s mostly been “a perilous journey full of death and heartbreak.” In this trailer for Final Space Season 3, we see John Goodspeed wasn’t lying. Ain’t a single joke in that trailer, because we’re beyond the endgame right now and ain’t a damn thing funny.

I love this series so much because of the way they handle adventure, themes of loneliness, friendship, but most importantly, the cost of doing the right thing. This Team Squad’s journey has been riddled with betrayal and loss. The universe that they’re trying to save has been fucking them over at every turn. Each time they get a win, there’s always hell to pay. Each time they try and save someone, there’s a high cost. I really love how this series has kept its sense of humor, but the true art of the show is how that humor has died down as the stakes are at an all-time high.

Final Space Season 3: No Way Home

Final Space Season 3

As far as we can tell from the trailer, Gary and the Team Squad were finally able to get to Quinn in Final Space with the help of the Titan Bolo. If you remember from season 2, Bolo swore to kill all the other titans and Invictus. Bolo said, I’ma kill them all, and that’s on Eren Jaeger”. However, it looks as though they are now stuck in Final Space with no way home. The danger hasn’t stopped either as we get the hints that Murphy’s Law is in full effect. We got Lil Cato shouting that folks can’t keep being left behind, Gary and Avacato fighting, Quinn telling everyone that there is no escaping this.

I don’t know what you wanted from this space adventure, but lemme tell you what the fuck we got. Pain. Death. Hopelessness. I know this sounds dreary but, even knowing that I’m excited for what’s ahead. We’ve seen the Team Squad at their worst before and needing a win. Although that win, always costs them in the end. We’re in the endgame now tho, right? So, something’s gotta give at some point… right? We’re getting glimpses of Bolo fighting other Titans, Moon Cake helping him, the crew traveling all over for a way out and to save the universe.

“You will be the death of everything”

The best part of the show is the way these characters push on through the hurt. The universe they’re trying to save ain’t done giving them shit yet. Gary and his peoples are crawling through the muck like Andy Dufresne. All I know is that they will get through this…but it won’t be everyone. You really want this team to win but you know the universe is not going to be that kind to them. There was a lot of sacrifice to get this far… and there’s still a lot of ground to cover.

Folks, I don’t know how much realer you want it to be, cause it’s already as real as it can possibly get. This show started out as a fun space adventure but now, now this show is a demonstration of how high and low the price of life can be. I can’t stress enough that shit show is a fucking banger. If you haven’t seen the first two season’s they are all on HBOMax. I cannot stress this enough, this show is too damn good to be so underrated. This show is the definition of a banger.

Final Space season 3 takes turns into heaviness that serves as a masterclass. I really hope that my excitement over the bleakness of the Team Squad’s situation hasn’t got yall like “God damn.” There will be humorous parts. The dialogue of this show is witty, wild, and funny. It’s just so interesting that this is the first trailer not to throw in one joke. and if that wasn’t enough to tell you that this season is a game-changer, the tagline for Season 3 is simply. Survive. Let that shit sit with you as we wait for the premiere on March 20th, 2021 over at Adult Swim. I’ll see yall there.

Final Space Season 3

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