Getting Dizzy #4 Review

Writer: Shea Fontana / Artist: Celia Moscote / Boom! Studios

Getting Dizzy #4 is the final issue in the series and what a strong final issue it was. Dizzy’s friends rally around her after the Negatrixes threatened to overwhelm her, and we get to partake in a time-honored tradition of watching the power of friendship defeat the forces of evil. That part isn’t really a spoiler, that’s just how the genre works. The exact specifics are though, so I’ll leave those for you to witness firsthand.

All that said, Fontana does an excellent job wrapping up all of the narrative threads. We’re still very much anchored in Dizzy’s point of view, and we get a lot of wonderful sequences from her perspective about all of the important people in her life. This results in a very strong close to the series. The exposition is efficient and effective, and there is a clear love for the characters and what they represent. There are some flashbacks, some quirky action sequences, and all-in-all, some great narrative beats that warm the heart.

Getting Dizzy #4

Moscote’s illustration in Getting Dizzy #4 help embody that same warm, and the opening pages are just an emotional tour de force that show the characters at their finest. They also benefit greatly from the wonderful colors from Gloria Martinelli and expressive lettering from Jim Campbell. The slightly larger than average comic is filled to the brim with all of the tropes that make these types of stories sing, and the conclusion left me with a smirk on my face.

While the series still has some wobbles here and there, the complete collection makes for a great read, and the story and themes will be appreciated by the target audience in full. This is the perfect story to get teenage readers into comics and also general nerdy things by association. It has that exact type of bubblegum pop energy that puts a smile on your face when you’re done, and it’s worth checking out. I hope that Fontana and Moscote get to spend more time in the universe in the future.

9.2 “Roller Blades” out of 10

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