Ghost Racers #2 Review

Writer: Felipe Smith / Artist: Juan Gedeon / Marvel Comics

Smith gives a glance back at how things were all good (about a week ago) for Jaime Reyes and his brother, Gabe. Hilariously they are from the South Side Doomstadt which we see as a fairly urban environment. Smith shows us the environment that the Reyes brothers are products of and had to survive in. The joyous part is readers seeing that although they were of low income, it didn’t affect their attitudes toward life or their friends.


As we look back into the past we also finally get to see how Reyes came to be a Ghost Rider, as well as what happens to the Ghost Racers that lose. Juan Gedeon did a fantastic job encompassing all the grit and hell fire required of this series. Each Ghost Rider is drawn with their own distinction and personality, reflected by each rider’s sense of fashion. We haven’t seen all the racers get dialogue yet, but just by looking at them the reader is able to tell they have more than likely been through some shit (and are probably still going through it).


I thought the recapping of the races may get a bit redundant, but Smith has pulled out some stops that open up the world of the Ghost Racers to a degree I found surprising. We see more characters unveiled like Zadkiel (those of Ghost Rider mythos already know who this is), the head of security and controller of the Ghost Racers, but there are still so many more questions we don’t know about Robbie and Eli’s link together. Smith is keeping us guessing and intrigued with this title. Ghost Rider has always been a great character whose direction has been hit or miss but Felipe Smith and Juan Gedeon have done a makeover that can finally let this mythos flourish.

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