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So Trubel is back. She staggered up to Nick’s place, bruised and broken. Which is weird since Nick went through all the trouble of living in a fallout shelter disguised as an abandoned building on the edge of town. Nick, being Nick, puts her in his car and heads to the hospital, but not before warning Adalind to lock it down and stay inside.

Meanwhile on the other side of Wesen-infested Portland, three good ole boys pile into a pickup truck to go “have a little fun.” Okay, I’m already nervous. So these dudes roll up on the waterfront/dump looking for… someone? Something?

Their eyes get that Wesen soul glow as they scan the water’s edge. The three good ole boys are able to chase down a guy. They start pushing and hitting. My dude gets off a hit by smashing a bottle into the head of one of the attackers. Then they all woge: the attackers are Klaustreich (cats) and the attacked is a Reinigen (rat).

But then, in the midst of delivering a totally unfair old school jumping, a huge shadow falls over the group and one of the attackers mutters in that oh-shit tone of voice reserved for when you bout to die or your moms has caught you in mid-fuckup, “Riesen-ratte.” Then they haul ass. Well one of them hauls ass. We hear the screams of the other two off screen.

Nick is still at the hospital pacing around and worrying about Trubel. Naturally to ease boredom, he does what any good friend would do: he goes through her jacket. He hits the intrigue jackpot when he finds several IDs, all with different names. Then he finds a phone that can only be unlocked with a fingerprint: a little too much like the one Chavez had on her for Nick to be happy about it. More than IDs, there’s passports WITH RECENT STAMPS.

Internships are hard.

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At that moment Meisner calls Chavez’s phone that Nick has had since her death. Since Nick wasn’t really planning on leaving the house or being knee-deep in any spy shit that evening, that phone is at home. So… Adalind answers it and her and Meisner have the world’s most awkward conversation until they each realize who is on the other end. Once that happens it’s all dial tones and “click”.

Adalind calls Nick with a quickness. Nick doesn’t want to talk over the phone because [insert all the obvious reasons] so he goes to say goodbye to Trubel before heading back home.

Not gonna lie, Trubel looks that shit. Nick tells Trubel that he “found a few things” in her jacket. And she’s like “well, as you might have imagined a lot has happened between being kidnapped from your old house and stumbling half-dead to the steps of your new one so…” but then an info-blocking nurse comes in the room and all conversation stops. Nick has to leave Trubel AKA Lauren Cole at the hospital.

Back home, Nick calls Hank to run the plates on the motorcycle Trubel rode to his lair. Inside Adalind is like “Yooooooo. Dude called here. Knew who I was. And I think it was Meisner. Y’know Meisner who introduced me to your mom when I was pregnant? Meisner who smuggled me away from the Royals?”

Nick is like where do I need to move my family so these people can’t find me?

Wu and Hank call Nick and tell him that the motorcycle is registered to one Lauren Cole whose license looks a lot like Trubel. Lauren Cole has an apartment in Portland which Nick tells them to check out. Wu tries but can’t get inside. Nick goes to his garage to check out Trubel’s Knight Rider bike and accidentally shoots 4 metal arrows out the back of the bike and into the wall. So there’s that.

I’m gonna need to read the instruction manual on this one.

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At the hospital Nurse Ratchet looks deep into the dark black pit of Trubel’s sedated, yet still Grimm, eyes and calls someone to let them know that they “have her.” She’s just chillin’ and vulnerable in the hospital bed until she wakes up.

Nick and Hank get called to a double murder scene. Two of the good ole boys are in the back of the pickup truck in the middle of a cornfield. While the two of them are investigating, a phone rings. It’s the girlfriend of one of the dead Klaustreichs calling to rip her dude open for being out all night.

Once Nick and Hank get to her house, it’s not long before she woges and Nick is revealed to be a Grimm. She of course thinks he killed her boyfriend and is there to kill her, but Nick is all business. She gives him the name and number of the third missing Klaustreich.

Seems like lots of people – Reinigen, actually – are looking for that guy. Seems that the Reinigen that he and his dead friends attacked is dead. And the entire nest (“What?!! They live in an underground bunker that they access through an old refrigerator door!” says the excited 7 year-old in me) was looking for that ass.

At the hospital, Trubel is having nightmares and Christy (AKA the Wesen Nurse who made the call to someone who is truly not interested in Trubel’s health) is there waiting for her to wake up. Instead of killing her, she gets her doctor. Hmmm.

The Mayoral candidate and his sidekick that took Renard out last week looking for his support are in Renard’s office still trying for that endorsement. Renard mostly brushes them off, even after seeing his spiffy campaign commercial.

This was a weird scene as Renard was Sir Not-Appearing-in-this-Episode and the exchange was apropos of nothing. So I’m guessing this forced plot-forwarding means that the Mayor is Wesen or connected to the Wesen Liberation Movement. Because just as quickly as we see those three, we’re back to the double murder.

Nick and Hank are at the dump antagonizing a dude just to see if he’s Reinigen. He is. And as soon as he thinks the cops are gone, he reports back to his boss who happens to be the dead Reinigen’s father. The father is like “if the Grimm comes back, end him.”

Johnny magically shows up at the girlfriend’s house spooked as fuck. He like “It was huge” as he wanders around looking for places to hide.

Nick and Hank are at the Spice Shop with Monroe and Rosalee trying to figure out how three Klaustreichs were killed by a Reinigen. Rosalee thinks maybe it was Riesen-ratte. Monroe is like “For real? Ratzilla? Give me the logistics on that one.”

Nick can’t stop worrying about Trubel because double-life/half-dead/etc. so he calls the hospital but is put off by Nurse Ratchet. So he think she’s still asleep and the doctor tells her that she has brain swelling and needs surgery. Um… seems legit.

After Rosalee is like “We’ve seen weirder shit,” Monroe looks into some books and finds out the impossible Rat King is like the Voltron of Reinigen. So if enough Reinigen get together and are attacked, they become a huge Rat King.

And that’s scary, especially for Johnny the Reinigen Killer/Bully who got dragged out of his hiding spot (along with the girlfriend who was harboring him) by several angry Reinigen. So I’m guessing death is in his future, and not much else. And hers, too. But she was able to let Nick know that they were in danger so him and the whole crew show up at the dump, find the nest, and the sad dead body of the third Klaustreich, and the girlfriend tied up.

They try to leave but find themselves surrounded by angry Reinigen yelling about “revenge” and “fuck a Grimm” and “We’re definitely bout to kill that Klaustreich witchu.” So yeah, a bunch of angry Reinigen all together… I think you know where this is going.

Oh holy mother of fuck.

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So now Nick ad the gang are face-to-face with Ratzilla. By face-to-face I mean bravely running away. They get the Rat King caught in the electrical lines. Problem solved?

Oh, why hello there.

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Adalind is at home with Kelly when the bell rings (yes that was an abrupt transition; it was like that in the episode too.) It’s Meisner. At. The. Secret. Lair. And since she remembers how much he helped her, she lets him in. And he’s like “Okay let’s get Trubel” who of course isn’t there. So now they’re both on the phone with Nick like “Trubel bout to die!”


They both rush to the hospital. Now Nick is running through the hospital trying to get to Trubel before she’s moved to “intensive care” which I’m pretty sure is code for death. Meisner and Nick both show up and beat the hell out the Wesen who were scurrying her away.

Nick takes her back to his place, looks at Adalind, and asks “Who is this Meisner dude?”

So many questions: Who is Lauren Cole and why does she have my dream motorcycle? What does the would-be Mayor have to do with this? Why kidnap Trubel? Why did Trudel decide to work with her kidnappers? Juliette?

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