Immortal Hulk #17 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Joe Bennet / Marvel

The schizophrenic nature of the Hulk has always been an intriguing concept, especially with the cast of colorful personalities that the character has developed over the years. So, not only is it fun to have Joe Fixit make his return in the pages of the Immortal Hulk, but he’s a worthwhile addition to the story that only adds to the grand scale that Al Ewing’s chaotic and amazing run is trying to achieve.

I’m actually surprised that Ewing hasn’t used many of Hulk’s other personalities in previous issues. We saw a brief glimpse of the original Hulk a couple of issues ago but not much of the other personalities that exist within Banner’s broken psyche. Thankfully, that gets briefly explained this issue, and gives the reader some good insight into how much pull Devil Hulk has over the other personas.

The return of Joe Fixit isn’t exactly how you would expect it. As we saw at the end of last issue, Joe appeared but in Banner’s body. This makes for some great moments. Though Hulkless, Joe proves he’s still capable of holding his own without the strength of being the Hulk. I will say that this is definitely Ewing’s most comical issue with Joe’s mobster persona running around in Banner’s frail body.

I swear Ewing and Bennett try to outdo themselves every issue with the evolution of the Hulk. Bennett plays wonderfully with the many ways the Hulk’s body can now morph and transform. This series was just made for him to experiment with that idea. The same can be said for his work with the other characters and villains. I think Agent Burbank’s powerset is one of the more unique ones we’ve seen from a Hulk villain in a while.

By the end of this issue, I’m reminded why the Immortal Hulk is so good. It’s green, it’s grotesque, it’s great. While General Fortean doesn’t really prove to be much more than a General Ross clone, the overall story is a great tale of Bruce Banner’s history, character, and him at his most desperate.

9 Gamma Irradiated Fishtanks out of 10

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