Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2: #3 Review

Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: Frank Quitely / Image Comics


Mark Millar, my friend, you masterfully weaved a superhero tale so relatable, so close to home that its almost criminal how slept on this comic is. Thematic execution and Picasso Baby panels polymerize to create a symbiotic balance. A balance so symmetric. A balance so impressive and well done, Simone Biles would be jealous. Issue 3 of Jupiter’s Legacy does not Let Nas Down and officially launches the Anti-Brandon & Walter “Supervillian” squad.

Hutch, Chloe, and Son-Jason kick their supervillain recruitment into hyper drive, which leads to a absurdly obscure and remote area of Russia that could only ever be used for the likes of live human experimentation or an extraterrestrial research facility that doubles as the entrance to The Journey to the Center of the Earth. Although the journey to Russia proves pointless, there were some gems to take away from the whole ordeal. Jason ‘Just Call Me More Powerful Than AYEBODY’ Hutchence and Poppa Hutch finally discuss what caused “The Big Split” (which happens in Jupiter’s Circle, that you should read.. or read the reviews of at the least). Hutch tells his naive young lad that Walter stole Skyfox’s fiancee and that is what caused Skyfox to go rogue and eventually become the greatest supervillain of all time. He tells his naive son what we all already know.

All the best fights are over a girl.

The Trip to Russia sheds so much light on the motives of Skyfox as a young man. The young man who single handedly tried to right so many of the corrupt institutions and ways of American life. Instead of realizing that the banking system had the average American enslaved, they opposed his ideas and actions and cheered when the “Superheroes” finally took him down. This was always his destiny. All he needed was a reason..

This episode was so intricately parallel to the countless fatherless son stories in America today, that Millar has officially gained a fan for life. Being in that minority myself, it was quite powerful hearing little Jason be so proud and appreciative that his father stuck around and made him into the interesting, powerhouse runt that he is. Frank Quitely silently murders this issue. Instead of his classic vivid colors and vastly intricate landscapes, he opts for incredibly detailed expressions on the faces of our anti-asshole regime and hard looks at hardened individuals who done been through some shit. Another banger from Millar and Quitely, not like you should expect anything less. For an issue that featured little to no combat, the dialogue and plot movement alone made it a hit.

8.5 Russia Recruitment Missions out of 10

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