Justice League #15 Review

Issa heist.

Writer: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV / Artist: Jim Cheung / DC Comics

After finding out that the Thanagarians wanna kill them last issue, Hawkgirl, Manhunter, and John Stewart devise a plan to sneak their way into Thanagar Prime’s core, so they can get the much-needed answers for their burning questions from the Martian Keep.

Before we get into the events of the story though, let’s talk about some art! Cheung goes to town on the design of Thanagar Prime. The abundance of gold, the striking architecture, it’s got the total package. After reading this issue in particular, this would definitely be a place I’d like to take a vacation to during the summer. You know, if it wasn’t full of a murderous political sect of flying humanoids that seem to hate everything. Without that, this would be a dope place to invest some timeshare into.

The design of this beautifully frightening planet was part of why this issue was so fun. The whole issue revolves around a heist, and the Egyptian aesthetic is teeming with Indiana Jones and Mummy vibes. The team’s mission is to sneak the group into the Rheon Gallt, which is the only entry point to the core of the planet. It’s where Thanagar Prime keeps all its goodies, including its secrets. What I liked most about this issue was that it showed Manhunter, Hawkgirl, and John Stewart working together without the presence of the Big 3. But there’s something special about J’onn. He’s the chairman of the League so seeing him take the lead and devise a plan with some pretty major stakes was really satisfying. After this is all said and done and they’re back on Earth, these three are gonna have a stronger bond. But until then, they’re about to catch some Thanagarian hands (and wings).

Justice League #15 Inside

Speaking of the Big 3, we do get a brief glimpse of them back on Earth as they deal with Starman. His scenes were framed as the opening and closing pages of the book. A nice bookend to the conflict on Thanagar. If you don’t remember, he was plucked out of the past like 6 or 7 issues ago as his power set is something of a desire for Luthor. He’s been passed out in the medical bay of the Hall of Justice ever since. Now that he’s awake, the dude is spewing solar energy so rapidly that it’s making Supes feel like he can decimate a city with the bat of an eyelash. Fun stuff, really.

Justice League #15 gives us some clever action involving Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, and John Stewart, while planting the seeds for a new conflict to blossom over the next few issues.

9 Super Soaked Supermen out of 10

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