Justice League #32 Review

Parallels on parallels
Justice League #32 Cover

Writers: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV / Artist: Howard Porter / DC Comics

Justice League #32 has our time-displaced heroes battling for an inch of progress against the stacked Legion of Doom. But along the way, we get some great interactions from the Justice League and the heroes of the past, present, and future.

It’s so fun watching Green Lantern & John Stewart interacting with Alan Scott & Jay Garrick. Nobody knows why they don’t already know about each other. It’s probably got something to do with Dr. Manhattan taking years away from the heroes’ lives. Or so we can hope. But regardless of why they don’t know about each other, it’s really fun to see them take a liking to one another so quickly. They all seem to be picking up on the parallels between their eras, and it seems to be helping them all build quick chemistry. One of my favorite scenes has Flash & Jay Garrick saving a bunch of Sailors during Pearl Harbor while racing to see who can get to shore first. Yeah, we’ve seen these two do something like this a thousand times, but with the stakes and time travel and the fact that they’re randomly at Pearl Harbor the day the Japanese attacked makes this interaction such a memorable one.

The parallels are something that’s becoming more and more prevalent in this arc. In an alternate future, the Trinity fights a Brainiac controlled Justice Legion A. Among them are a future version of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. As well as versions of the Flash and Hourman. I wonder what these parallels mean, and how deciphering them can lead to the Legion of Doom’s defeat. Maybe they can all fuse together Dragonball GT style and become the ultimate versions of themselves. That sounds absolutely crazy, but at this point, I wouldn’t put anything past Snyder and the rest of the team. They’ve been swinging for the fences.

Justice League #32 Inside

A nice little inclusion for this issue was seeing Sinestro use his ultraviolet ring as opposed to his yellow-colored fear one. I had forgotten that he switched teams at the beginning of the series, because we haven’t seen him in action too much. These ultraviolet powers are dope. They aren’t just fueled by hidden emotions, but they can pull those emotions to the forefront of someone in the beam’s path, meaning that Sinestro can unlock any deep urges from anyone and use it to his advantage. That’s dark stuff, man.

Some other things of interest are a knowledge bloated Brainiac whose intelligence makes him grow into something worthy of a fight with a Megazord, and a return of a long-haired Aquatic King whose presence might just turn the tide of this war…

Justice League #32 delivers some wholesome moments between paralleled pairs of Green Lantern and The Flash while keeping our heroes pushed against the wall with the rising stakes. Not sure how they’re gonna get out of this one.

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Justice League #32 Cover


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