Legends. Will. Rise. ‘Destiny 2’ Season is Upon Us in the New Trailer

The war is over. And we’ve lost.

Nah, man. I don’t know what you been doing in the months since Destiny 2 got announced, but I’ve been stewin’, yo. I’ve been hot. These Red Legion Bastards just gonna come to our crib? Blow up our social space? Destroy our loot? Nah man, a young guardian ain’t trying to give up the block like that.


We got that launch trailer for Destiny 2 and that shit got me ready to get my light back, fam. Just gonna take a selfie on top of the tower like, “Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.”

Trailer showing they done captured the Speaker. Got dude in the limb lock captivity like he in a DC superhero prison or some shit. We can’t stand by for that. This Gaul dude wanna be Oryx so bad, but I ain’t pressed man, we got something for that. Trailer giving us all them iconic feels. That slow reload of the pump action gotta replace the dragging a weapon across the ground on the way to the kill.

Destiny 2 Shotgun

We got Ikora Rey riding shotgun on the sparrow. Yeah, I know there’s only one seat, she’s literally riding with a shotgun on the sparrow, bruh! Lord Shaxx back with a new infamous Control Map shoutout, “If The Red Legion want war, give them war.” Don’t even get me started on that badass slow motion Fate/Zero Lancer work from the hunter. I ain’t got enough light to tell you how pumped I am. And they gonna end that shit by showing guardians taking it to a 10 story tall hobgoblin? Sheeiiiit.


My body, my faction, my quick reload gauntlets and my pre-order is ready, fam. If you trying to see the BNP crew in action, you know we gonna be streaming it all that first week over at YouTube.com/BlackNerdProblemsBNP. Come thru, Little Light!

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  • William is the Editor-In-Chief, leader of the Black Knights and father of the Avatar. With Korra's attitude, not the other one.

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