Man-Eaters #9 Review

Man-Eaters #9 Cover

Writer: Chelsea Cain / Artist: Elise McCall / IMAGE

“The Internet Lies”

Today, we gather once again to chant, “Down with patriarchy,” from the balconies of our homes to the depths of the sea. Readers can pull out the good word from the Man-Eaters series. It is a brilliant return with such amazing quotable snippets. What I loved about this comic is the comparison between confinement and suffering versus brightness and paradise. I mean when we got our first period, who really told us the truth? Weren’t we greeted with congratulations for this new step that you had no choice whether it happened or not? Man-Eaters #9 genuinely showcased all the levels of the “YIKES!” period moments period-having folk had when they got their first period versus what ended up happening like cute brochures and Instagram-ables of what “femininity” is, but you know what the deal is.

“But Patriarchy is Me”

Man-Eaters #9 challenges what it feels like to be observed by patriarchy under a microscope. The monitoring of your hormones and the likelihood of you breaking out and transforming into this monster. The Cain-McCall team describes the transition exactly how it feels: consistently trying to prove that nothing has changed while the world convinces you everything is different now. Now, the creeps are watching. Now, you must be confined to this space until further notice. Suddenly, “innocence” becomes an ideology that only men can grant and take away. Honestly, I was turning the page and secretly sobbing on the inside. What becomes of patriarchy when the cage becomes too small? Switch the subject to deadly.

Man-Eaters #9 Inside

“Menstruation is Dangerous”

The beauty of Man-Eaters #9 is that it does not decrease the content and livelihood of the previous eight issues. The series is fun, and it feels like a wonderful journey every time I pick it up to read. Granted, this installation I was not much of a fan of the artwork. I was pleased to see Maude’s reworking, but it felt like some of the risks that were taken in previous issues were not taken this time. On one hand, not everything has to be fun and playful, but I didn’t feel like the characters met to the standard of the expressions the writing is giving.

8.6 Gallons of Tampon Confetti out of 10

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