Welcome to the MMMM warrior women of the March Madness Marvel Bracket. Let’s not waste any time. Here’s the lineup:

March Madness Marvel

Thor (Jane Foster)

March Madness Marvel
Jane Foster came through swinging that thing like she set the home run record.

Oh, goddess, my goddess. No one has worn the mantle of Thor quite as well as Jane Foster. Not only was she worthy of lifting Mjolnir when OG Thor couldn’t… She made that shit look good too. 

Most people pick up Mjolnir and Odin’s enchantment on the hammer determines whether they’re worthy or not. Not Jane. Mjolnir itself made a collect call and told Jane Foster “I choose you.” The hammer CHOSE Jane. When has it ever done that?

Not only did wielding Mjolnir give Jane all the powers of Thor, but she was also able to do things with the hammer that Thor never even dreamed of! From making Mjolnir move like a bird in the sky to creating lightning storms large enough to stretch from one galaxy to the next. 

Jane’s battles are nothing to scoff at either. She’s taken on some of Thor’s greatest hits from Malekith the Accursed and the Destroyer to holding back the Phoenix force and taking down the Mangog – the thing whose only purpose is bringing judgment to gods. The rest of the ladies might be warriors, but this is a fight with a god. – Chris, March Madness Marvel

Monica Rambeau

March Madness Marvel
Pick how you want to get got, Monica can probably do that.

How many individuals can approach the Avengers looking for training and end up the leader? Monica Rambeau is just built like that.

With mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum, Rambeau can blast you with some cosmic rays, admire your shattered bones with x-rays, tune into 104.7 The Wave, and jam out to “Return of The Mac.” All at the same time. If you blast her with any kind of energy, she can analyze it and send it right back, express mail. Oh, and did I mention, she’s basically immortal? Doesn’t need to rely on the Phoenix Force or anything.

She can turn invisible and project holograms, what chance do you have against someone who can do anything? And if you step to her, watch yourself. She’s got the respect and backing of the Avengers, get ready to get jumped. – Garrett, March Madness Marvel

Elsa Bloodstone

March Madness Marvel
Elsa Bloodstone is a G. That’s it. She’s a hard rock and she really carries gems.

Like the great Kendrick Lamar says, “When you fight, don’t fight fair, cuz you’ll never win. Right, Elsa had the chopper and she tore that ass up!” 

Elsa Bloodstone is a stone-cold killer. She uses whatever gun, spiked mace, or ax available to slice a villain up. Usually, the body counts are against the wicked creatures of the world, but people can get it too. 

‘The World’s Greatest Monster Hunter’ can always be seen with a wide array of rifles, uzis, pistols, and shotguns, and that bloodstone amulet that gives her superhuman strength, regenerative healing, and oh yeah, immortality ain’t half bad! 

On top of all that, she got them hands. Her father threw her in shark-infested waters when she got her first period. Sexist and regressive as all hell? Yes. She also beat those poor sharks to death with her bare hands. That’s the kind of realness you’re up against when you step to Elsa ‘don’t call me Frozen‘ Bloodstone. – Ja-Quan, March Madness Marvel


March Madness Marvel
Gamora got galaxy-sized cemeteries filled to the brim. Act like you know.

Gamora has many aliases — half of which are something along the lines of “The Deadliest Woman in the Universe.” I don’t think I need to say much more here, but I will just to be safe.

As a highly-trained assassin and adopted daughter of Thanos, she’s a force to be reckoned with. 

In regard to deadly force, she’s easily one the most dangerous people on this side of reality with the added bonuses of super strength, speed, durability, AND regeneration. 

She’s the kind of person you drop into a battlefield full of enemies with no weapon of her own and she’d still walk away without a scratch. If she can do that, how many people can handle her one-on-one? I’ll wait. – Keith, March Madness Marvel

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