Welcome to the March Madness Anime Bracket. Let’s not waste anytime. Here’s the line up.

March Madness Anime

Kale (Dragon Ball Super)

March Madness Anime

Let me holla at all the cats that used to do backflips off the swings at the playground then run home and watch Dragon Ball Z while eating hot pockets on the couch. Let me put my old school DBZ fans on, who vowed to never watch any non-canon episodes and haven’t come around to the greatness of Dragonball Super. Can I talk my shit again?! Aiight bet. So, I want you to think about the always leveling up qualities of Goku and imagine that is perfectly paired up with the unpredictability and recklessness of Brolly. The result of this combination is none other than Kale san. My girl gets on her Berserker Barrage flow glowing all lime green like diet Mountain Dew, stomping craters into the ground. Kale put bum fighters through mountains like it was her day job and nearly ripped off the arm of a saiyan legend. Her speed is top notch, her projectile game is impressive, and her raw power literally made Goku tremble. I rest my case. – Ja-Quan

Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

March Madness Anime

Have you ever met a character that’s too cool for school, fine as hell, and can back up all the smack they talk? Well…sure, those characters come a dime a dozen in anime, but none make look as good as Yoruichi Shihouin, the former captain of squad 2 stealth force. 

You think you’re fast, she’s faster. You got a cool special ability, her ability is cooler. You transform into some kind of crazy something or other, she transforms into an…ordinary black cat. But then she transforms into a badass lightning cat whose path you don’t want to cross.

Yoruichi is so nice at the assassin game that she’s practically the only soul reaper that said no to a Zanpakuto – a Soul Reaper’s main weapon of choice. Do you know how insane that is? To have a Zanpakuto, most likely achieve Bankai, its ultimate form, and then just decide not to use it because you realized that you are boss enough to go through life without it.

In fact, half the time I don’t even think she needed Ichigo’s help. She just wanted to make your boy look good and jumped in every single time he needed saving. Yoruichi may have been retired from the game by the time we meet her but not out of it. She the Flash Goddess for a reason. You not catching her and her power levels are off the charts. Don’t step to her lightly. – Chris, March Madness Anime

Nobara (Jujutsu Kaisen)

March Madness Anime

Nobara is the physical manifestation of, “I will…not…lose!” She comes to the game ready to play no matter what’s popping against whoever. Not only does she not back down, as per shonen law, but her story is the thing of hood legend. 

Check it, small town girl with big dreams, she’s trying to write her way out like Hamilton. Her confidence and outspoken nature got her looking like an outcast at home. But her confidence is peak, she ain’t taking nothing from nobody, and when her number gets called to step up as a jujutsu sorcerer, Nobara Kugisaki answers the call with her whole chest and head high!

Everything she does deserves a Primo beat with Rhapsody lyrics! As an entry-level sorcerer, she wasn’t playing no games! Wild bare bones, real name, no gimmicks. All she needs to get all up in somebody’s situation is a quick trip the hardware store. The way she flexes her jujutsu is through a hammer and nails. That’s right, no swords, no color changin’ hairstyles after twenty minutes of yelling, no cute costumes. None of that. Just a tool set.

Nobara channels her mystical energy through her pride and joy – a hammer with a heart on it. She sends deadly love letters by focusing her power through the hammer into the nails, that she sends like a sniper at any distance! But if you want it close, she has wild techniques and is willing to put her body on the line to get it done. 

So please, run up and get done up by Nobara Kugisaki, the stakes are always high for her, and she is 100% that one. She’s also most likely to hit you with a, “Bing-Bong!” after putting a drywall screw through your neck. – Frantz, March Madness Anime

Mirko (My Hero Academia)

March Madness Anime
My Hero Academia Artist Shares Spicy New Art of Mirko

Some of the coolest quirks in My Hero Academia are the simplest ones that are used in creative ways. Mirko, who has the abilities of a rabbit, is a prime example. 

The fan-favorite character is one of the highest-ranked heroes in all of Japan, ranking in at number 5 when she was introduced, and continues to prove why. 

She’s got everything you’d need in a fight including super strength, speed, and stamina on top of super leg strength and enhanced senses of hearing and smell to track down enemies and avoid attacks. Oh, and she also has the patented shonen anime ability of never giving up. 

There’s a good reason you’ll see a cosplay of her at almost every convention and SHE NEEDS MORE SCREENTIME!! – Keith, March Madness Anime 2022

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