March Multimedia Multiverse Madness 2022 – DC

March Madness 2022

Welcome to the March Madness DC Bracket. Let’s not waste anytime. Here’s the line up.

March Madness DC


March Madness DC

Hawkgirl is a role that’s been filled by many women due to her reincarnation cycle. But one thing they all share is a fierce temperament in battle and the strength and savvy to knock anyone upside the head when they deserve it. 

And as an additional note to consider, part of why I really don’t like birds is because they almost always have the tactical advantage against you unless you can also fly — which I sadly can’t do, no matter how bad I want to. Even a vindictive chicken can peck an eye out with a running start if you aren’t careful. 

The same goes for a winged warrior woman with a giant mace. 

You don’t want those problems. – Keith, March Madness DC

Jo Mullein

March Madness DC

The newest Green Lantern on the block, Jo Mullein, has surely made an impact. All alone, out on the furthest sector of the universe, she’s had to fight for herself without any of the backup or the raw stopping power that most Green Lanterns enjoy. That’s why she’s perfect for this battle. 

Jo is armed with a ring that is uniquely different from any other in the GL Core. While it doesn’t require a battery and is basically self-charging, it takes days to bring itself to full power. And that full power is lacking compared to most other Green Lanterns. However, that handicap has done nothing to hold Jo back.

In fact, that handicap is probably what makes Jo one of the most unique Green Lantern’s to ever exist. Every construct she makes is creative as hell, with constructs so wild that they give Kyle Rayner a run for his money. Have you ever seen a Green Lantern use their ring to pull their subconscious into the internet? Or recreate crime scenes?

In a fight, she’s quick thinking, so in every battle she smartly uses her ring and makes every construct matter. Pulling out Gundam-esque mechs, barriers, and constructs of other superheroes when she needs to. Plus, she’s got military and detective training for those moments when her battery runs out. Counting Jo out might just be why she might take out the whole competition. – Chris, March Madness DC

Poison Ivy

March Madness DC
Batman’s Poison Ivy Actually Takes Over the Entire World | CBR

Let’s be real, Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley is one of the realist anti-heroes out there. In her villain days, she was out there wildin’. If you don’t respect Mother Earth, she’ll make you. 

She’s basically got the backing of the whole world, no lie. With one strand of plant life, one itty bitty leaf struggling to survive, she can mutate it and grow it to make the battlefield hers. Even if you’re lucky enough to set up the venue with no plant life whatsoever in the vicinity, she just needs to carry a few seeds in her pocket and BOOM, you’re done son. 

We haven’t even gotten to her cooking up poisons in the basement. A master of toxicology and pheromones, she’ll have you falling in love before burying you 6 feet under. Even Swamp Thing, Mother Earth’s right-hand man, recognizes her by dubbing her “May Queen.”

These days, she’s more of an anti-hero and likes to remain low key with her main boo Harley Quinn. But don’t get it twisted, she stay ready and trust me, you ain’t. – Garrett, March Madness DC


March Madness DC
Rose Wilson – Wikipedia

Y’all. Why are we even talking right now? Ravager is thee body bag queen. The Olympic gold medalist in the ‘These Hands-a thon”. Nevermind the undeniable fact she comes from the Slade Wilson (Deathstroke, if you’re nasty) school of whooping ass. She has been trained by the guy who keeps Batman up late at night in the dojo, then later trained with Nightwing (aka Thicc Grayson himself!). Was on her villain joint for a hot minute but saw she could do more with her gifts, definitely gives the vibe of that one white kid in the hood making their way the best they can. Since being a hero and joining the Titans, been smooth sailing and ass-kicking all the way.

Homegirl has two katanas, OD weapon training, a mind/body/spirit connection attuned to combat, and no reason to lose. Oh yeah, along the many rebooted publication history indexes, it seems Ravager has acquired *checks notes* her fathers’ advanced brain percentage *cross references wikis* which when combined with her inherited metagene *scours sub-reddit threads* give her perfect recall memory and a couple of other goodies. Rose “Ravager” Wilson is not just a chip off the old block, oh nah, she’s a whole ‘nother gaggle of blocks. Come watch Rose give a masterclass in pedigree like Triple-H in his heyday. Kinda reminds me of these Sa-Roc bars:

I’m turning over a new leaf/

Same life with a new lease/

Game time, different frame mind,

Hit the lab up like a two-piece/

I ain’t a fan of the fame, y’all keep the bread and the groupies/

I just want a group of loyal fam, and if I win, bet the crew eats/

Titans, ya dig??? – Frantz, March Madness DC

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